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Chapter 22: The Real Remains Silent

A guard was standing there with a naked sword to prevent women. But when Meera came dancing, ecstatic, he forgot why he was standing there, and she entered the temple. She was the first woman to enter the temple in the forty years since that man had become the priest.

The priest was worshipping Krishna. He could not believe his eyes; the things he was holding in his hands for worship fell on the ground. He was really angry. He said, “Woman, you have some nerve! Everybody knows - nobody who is not a man can enter this temple. You have destroyed my forty years’ austerity!”

And Meera laughed, and she said, “I was thinking there is only one man, and that is Krishna, and we are all his lovers; we are all women. I am glad to see that there is another man also in the world!”

The way she said it just penetrated the man’s very heart. He fell at her feet to be forgiven. He said, “I have never thought about this - what I said is simply absurd. Only Krishna, only God, is the man - we are all his lovers; naturally we are all women. You are right and I was wrong.”

Meera’s saying that only the woman has a heart-to-heart contact with the divine is of great importance.

But all the religions are founded by men. They are great intellectuals, philosophers, theologians; they spin great, complicated theories - but nothing in them gives the sense that they have experienced. They are only thinking, they are not living.

To think is a very superficial thing.

To live is the deepest.

And love is the way to go deeper into it.

But the man-dominated world has made everything heartless, stony. They can be of great use if they use their intellect only for the objective world, and leave the subjective world to be led by women.

So this is what I take from the story of Adam and Eve. I don’t think it is an insult. It was intended that way: man is such an intellectual giant that the serpent will not be able to persuade him, the woman can be easily persuaded. And once the serpent persuades the woman, then the woman can persuade the man. But to me it is a compliment that the woman was the first to disobey.

To me, disobedience is the beginning of destroying the ego. Obedience is the matter ego is made of. The parents will say, “Obey,” and whoever obeys is appreciated.

In my family there were so many children. My father had brothers and sisters, and most of the sisters used to come and visit with their children, and uncles were living together, so it was a big, fifty-member family. And they were always praising someone or other.

I told my grandfather, “Sometimes you have to praise me too.”

He said, “You? For what?”

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