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Chapter 2: Ordinariness

Love is an ecstasy: ecstasy of a no-mind, ecstasy of the present, ecstasy of a non-ambitious state, ecstasy of emptiness. Wherever lovers are, there is nobody: only love exists. When two lovers meet they are not two. They may appear two to you, from the outside. But the inside story is totally different: they are not two. The moment they meet the two-ness disappears, only love exists and flows. How is it possible unless you are an emptiness within, a nothingness, so that there is no barrier, nothing between you and your lover? If you are somebody and your lover or beloved is also somebody, then two persons are not meeting but four: two real nobodies who are standing in the background and two somebodies - false egos shaking hands, caressing, making gestures of love. It is a drama to look at: ridiculous! Whenever lovers meet there is nobody, and two nobodies cannot be two. How can two nothingnesses be two? Nothingnesses have no demarcation line - a nothingness is a vastness. Two nothingnesses become one. Two somebodies remain two.

That’s why love becomes such an ugly affair - the love which is called love by you, not by me. Your love is an ugly affair, the ugliest. It has to be so. It could have been the most beautiful phenomenon in the world but it has become the ugliest: lovers constantly fighting, quarreling, creating misery for each other. Sartre says, “The other is hell.” He is saying something about your love. Whenever you are alone you feel relaxed, whenever you are with the lover a tension arises. You cannot live alone because the deepest nobodiness has a thirst, a deep hunger. So you cannot remain alone. You have to move. You seek togetherness, but the moment you are together it is a misery. All relationships create misery and nothing else. Unless you are enlightened, love becomes just a conflict, a quarrel. One by and by gets adjusted to it. That means one by and by gets dull, insensitive. That’s why the whole world looks so dead, so stale. It stinks. All relationships have gone stale, they have become ugly.

So if you want really to love and be loved, that is not possible right now as you are. You have to disappear. You have to leave, so that a clean nothingness is left, a fresh nothingness is left behind. Only then can the flower of love bloom. The seeds are there but the ego is like a rock, and the seeds cannot sprout on it.

And you say you want to be ordinary? - and you want to love? - and you want friends? - and you want to enjoy? This is exactly what enlightenment is all about! But if you go to the priests and to the preachers and to the organized religions and the churches, their enlightenment is different. They are against love; they are against ordinariness; they are against friendship; they are against enjoyment; they are against everything that your nature naturally seeks. They are the great poisoners.

But if you have come to me you have come to the right person - the right person in the sense that my enlightenment is of this world. I’m not saying that there is no other world. I am not saying that the earthly existence is the only existence - no. Don’t misunderstand me. But the other depends on this, the other world depends on this world, and the sky depends on this earth. If you want to move higher you have to be rooted deeper here in this earth. You need roots in this life, then flowers will come in the other life. The other life is not against this life; in fact, the other life is just the flowering of this life. God is not against the world, he is not outside it; he is in it, hidden in it. You need not go against the world to seek him - if you go you will never find him. He is hidden here and now. You have to seek, you have to go deep into this existence - and that is the only way to find him. This whole life, this whole existence is nothing but a temple, and he is hiding inside it. Don’t escape from it.

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