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Chapter 1: The Enlightened Woman

In Kabir’s mind there would be some fear about whether or not to say such a thing. But does love fear? This is why Sahajo can courageously say, I can abandon God, but I can never abandon my master. God is not the equal of my master. But don’t think that she is an atheist. It would be difficult to find a greater theist than Sahajo. Only a theist can say this. It would be impossible for an atheist to say it; from where would he get such courage? Only someone who knows in the depths of their heart that it is the divine that has been found when they find their master can say this. Only one who knows that the ultimate reality has already been achieved can speak so sweetly and reproach so lovingly.

This is a game between the devotee and the divine. She is saying, “Drop it, don’t pretend. You have not given me anything worthwhile. You gave me the world, you gave me bondage, desires; you made me helpless, you threw me into darkness. My master has lifted me up. Now I cannot put you above him. Please take the lower seat.”

And my idea is that if God were to come before Sahajo, he would respect Sahajo and he would sit at a lower place from her master. Not because he is lower, but because he knows there is no way for him to be lower; not because he feels angry but because he knows that it is all said in great love - it is a loving reproach, a complaint with love. And Sahajo is not really asking him to sit lower. Just think - how can she put him lower? Can one who cannot put her master lower than God be able to put God himself lower than the master? Impossible! But don’t judge lover’s talk with logic. Lovers say one thing when they want to say something else. Lovers might say one thing and mean something else. Lover’s dialogues are very subtle.

If we summarize this sutra of Sahajo, she is saying to God, “You are already living in my master; now there is no way for me to see you as separate from my master. For me, either the master has become God or God has become the master.”

Enough for today.