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Chapter 23: The Night Song

.because everything becomes silent: the birds have gone to sleep, the animals have gone to sleep, the people have gone to sleep, the marketplaces have disappeared. A great silence has descended all over the planet, now even a whisper sounds louder.

Now do all leaping fountains speak louder. And my soul too is a leaping fountain.
It is night: only now do all songs of lovers awaken. And my soul too is the song of a lover.

It is something to go deep into. Love has some deep roots in the night. Perhaps in darkness it is easier to put your personality aside, to put your mask aside, to be naked and to be authentic and to be true. Perhaps in the dark it is easier to melt into each other, to merge into each other; to forget the I and the thou.

In the day it is a little difficult; in the light you want your make-up, you want your mask, you want to show yourself the best you can. You want to hide all that you are afraid of; if people come to know about it perhaps they will not like you, they will not love you, they will not accept you. Night gives you a freedom which day takes away. It seems relevant that love has its roots in the night.

It is night: only now do all songs of lovers awaken.

The false personalities disappear and real individuals, without any fear of exposure, in their utter nakedness in the dark can put their seriousness aside and be playful. And unless lovers can play like children, love remains very superficial and meaningless. Unless love becomes an innocent play and fun and a laughter, a song, a dance - it is not love. Then it must be something of the marketplace, a commodity which can be shown, which can be purchased.

Only in the darkness are you authentically yourself; you are no more afraid of the society and the crowd - because there is no crowd in darkness; you are alone, there is no society, there is no religion, there is no church, there is no priest, there is no foolish man. Darkness gives you a freedom, the freedom that happens only when you are left absolutely alone. Only in this aloneness, lovers can sing, lovers can enjoy. Only in this darkness, mind stops chattering, stops arguing, allows the heart to have its say. The song of love is nothing but the song of the heart.

And my soul too is the song of a lover.

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