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Chapter 5: Live in Joy

It is not a question of loving those who love you. That is very ordinary, that is businesslike, a bargain. The real love is to love those who hate you. Right now even to love those who love you is not possible, because you don’t know what joy is. But when you know joy, the miracle happens, the magic. Then you are capable of loving those who hate you. In fact, it is no longer a question of loving somebody or not loving somebody, because you become love; you don’t have anything else left.

In the Koran, I have heard, there is a statement: “Hate the Devil.” A great Sufi mystic woman, Rabiya, canceled that line from her Koran. Hassan, another famous mystic, was staying with Rabiya and he saw her doing it. He said, “What are you doing? The Koran cannot be corrected, that is blasphemy. You cannot cut any statement from the Koran; it is perfect as it is. There is no possibility of any improvement. What are you doing?”

Rabiya said, “Hassan, I have to do it. It is not a question of the Koran, it is something totally different: since I have known godliness I cannot hate. It is not a question of the Devil, I simply cannot hate. Even if the Devil comes in front of me I will love him, because now I can only love; I am incapable of hate; hate has disappeared. If one is full of light he can give you only light; whether you are a friend or an enemy does not matter.

“From where,” Rabiya says, “can I bring darkness to throw on the Devil? It is no longer anywhere - I am light. My light will fall on the Devil as much as on God. Now, for me, there is no God and no Devil, I cannot even make a distinction. My whole being is transformed into love; nothing is left.

“I am not correcting the Koran - who am I to correct it? - but this statement is no longer relevant to me. And this is my copy; I am not correcting anybody else’s Koran. I have the right to put my copy right according to myself. This statement hits me hard whenever I come across it. I cannot make any sense out of it; hence I am crossing it out.”

A man who is full of joy and love can’t help it. He loves friends, he loves enemies. It is not a question of a decision on his part; love is now his nature, like breathing. Will you stop breathing if an enemy comes to see you? Will you say, “How can I breathe in front of my enemy?” Will you say, “How can I breathe because my enemy is also breathing and the air which has passed through his lungs may enter me? I can’t breathe.” You will suffocate, you will die. It will be suicide and utterly stupid.

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