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Chapter 12: Balancing the Rational and the Irrational

What factors do you attribute the Western youth revolt to, and why are so many young people from the West now becoming interested in Eastern religion and philosophy?
Do you have any particular message for the West?

Mind is a very contradictory system. Mind works in polar opposites. But our thinking, our logical way of thinking, always chooses one part of it and denies the other. So logic proceeds in a non-contradictory way, and mind works in a contradictory way. Life works in opposites, and logic works in a linear way - not in opposites.

For example, you have both possibilities in the mind: to be angry to the extreme and to be silent also, to the extreme. If you can be angry it doesn’t mean that you cannot be non-angry to the other extreme also. If you can be disturbed, it doesn’t mean that you cannot be silent. The mind goes on working in both ways. If you can be loving, you can be full of hatred also. One doesn’t deny the other.

But in logic, in thinking, if we think that someone is loving, then we begin to think that he cannot be capable of hate. And we even begin to think about ourselves in this way also. This is a part. So if you go on loving then you begin to think that “I am incapable of hate,” and then hate goes on accumulating inside. Then when you reach to a peak of your loving attitude, everything shatters and you fall down into hate. The individual mind not only works like that, the society’s mind also.

For example, the West has come to the peak of rational thinking. Now the irrational part of the mind will take revenge. The irrational part of the mind has been denied expression, so for these last fifty years that irrational part of the mind has been taking revenge in so many ways: through art, through poetry, through drama, through literature, through philosophy, and now through living. So the revolt of the youth is really a revolt of the irrational part of the mind against too much rationality.

The East can be helpful because the East has lived the other part, the irrational. And the East has also reached to its peak. So now the Eastern youth is more interested in communism than in religion; the Eastern youth is more interested in rational thinking than in irrational living.

So as I see it, now the whole pendulum will turn. The East will become the West, and the West will become the East.

Whenever you reach to a peak of any part of the mind, you have to swing back. That’s how history works. So in the West, now meditation will be more meaningful. Poetry will gain a new hold and science is bound to decline. So the modern youth will be anti-technological and ultimately anti-scientific. And the modern youth of the West will be anti-culture also, and anti-civilization. This is just a natural working.

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