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Chapter 15: I Have Kept My Wondering Eyes Alive

And tell them not to feel angry at me; rather, bring them to me sometimes. Once in a while, when they have holidays, let them come to me. They will understand me more clearly than you, because they are fresher, younger, closer to nature, yet unspoiled. They are not going to be angry at me.

Once they start understanding me, they will be proud of you - not feeling that they have been abandoned by you, but feeling that they have been given freedom, which is the greatest gift possible in the world. And your children start feeling proud of you, because you are one of the rarest mothers who can give them freedom, and bring them to a man who can help them how to be free and how to be responsible.how to be oneself.

In this world of imitators, how to be original and authentic? - because only those few individuals who are themselves feel fulfilled. Others simply live miserably, hoping that tomorrow things will be better; but that tomorrow never comes.

Once your children start understanding something of what I am doing here and why you are here, they will be proud of you. And their being proud of you will immediately erase the feeling of guilt in you.

You are feeling guilty that you have left children alone - that perhaps this is not right. According to the old mind it is not right. According to the old mind everything has to be taught: they are not to be allowed to be themselves; they have to be molded into a certain ideal. This very process of molding is going to kill them. There are corpses all around the world - moving, doing things - but I say that they are corpses because they are not themselves. If they had been given freedom, if they had been given a chance to grow naturally, to be themselves, they would never have been the persons they are. Only then would they have been able to find a certain contentment and satisfaction.

You need not feel guilty. Those who are destroying their children, they should feel guilty. Giving children freedom.. And once in a while you will be going, once in a while you will be with your children and that is a pure gift, to be with them once in a while, because then you can be loving. You have gathered so much love; for so many days you have been far away. There has been so much longing. You will shower your whole love upon them. They will see only your loving being.

Being with them twenty-four hours every day, year in, year out, you cannot remain loving. You are bound to be angry, you are bound to be jealous; you are bound to be everything that you should not be before your children because they will learn those things from you.

My whole idea is that parents should meet their children only occasionally, so they can pour out their whole heart, and the children know their mothers and their fathers only as pure love. They don’t know that both these persons fight continuously, that they nag, they throw things at each other.

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