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Chapter 2: Center and Periphery

That’s why in the East we say mind leaves the body and enters another womb, because it is not yet ready to die. The rebirth is of the mind. Once you have attained the state of samadhi, no-mind, then there will be no rebirth. Then you will simply die. And with your dying, everything will be dissolved - your body, your mind - only your witnessing soul will remain. That is beyond time and space. Then you become one with existence, then you are no longer separate from it. The separation comes from the mind.

But there is no way to stop it forcibly. Don’t be violent. Move lovingly, with a deep reverence, and it will start happening of its own accord. You just watch. And don’t be in a hurry.

The modern mind is in a great hurry. It wants instant methods for stopping the mind. Hence, drugs have appeal. Mm? You can force the mind to stop by using chemical drugs, but again you are being violent with the mechanism. It is not good. It is destructive. In this way you are not going to become a master. You may be able to stop the mind through the drugs, but then drugs will become your master - you are not going to become the master. You have simply changed your bosses, and you have changed for the worse. Now the drugs will hold power over you, they will possess you; without them you will be nowhere.

Meditation is not an effort against the mind. It is a way of understanding the mind. It is a very loving way of witnessing the mind - but, of course, one has to be very patient. This mind that you are carrying in your head has arisen over centuries, millennia. Your small mind carries the whole experience of humanity, and not only of humanity - of animals, of birds, of plants, of rocks. You have passed through all those experiences. All that has happened up to now has happened in you also. In a very small nutshell, you carry the whole experience of existence. That’s what your mind is. In fact, to say it is yours is not right. It is collective. It belongs to us all.

Modern psychology has been approaching it, particularly Jungian analysis has been approaching it, and they have started feeling something like a collective unconscious. Your mind is not yours, it belongs to us all. Our bodies are very separate; our minds are not so separate. Our bodies are clear-cutly separate; our minds overlap. And our souls are one.

Bodies separate, minds overlapping, and souls are one. I don’t have a different soul and you don’t have a different soul. At the very center of existence we meet and are one. That’s what godliness is: the meeting point of all. Between godliness and the world - the world means the bodies - is mind. Mind is a bridge, a bridge between the body and the soul, between the world and godliness. Don’t try to destroy it.

Many have tried to destroy it through Yoga. That is a misuse of Yoga. Many have tried to destroy it through body posture, breathing - that too brings subtle chemical changes inside. For example: if you stand on your head in shirshasana - in the headstand - you can destroy the mind very easily, because when the blood rushes too much, like a flood, into the head.. When you stand on your head that’s what you are trying to do - the mind mechanism is very delicate; you are flooding it with blood. The delicate tissues die.

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