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Chapter 10: The Original Signature

Perfectionism goes on denying all that is human. Perfectionism is a kind of inhuman ideal. You cannot think of Buddha crying, you cannot visualize tears coming to Buddha’s eyes.

It happened that a great Zen master died, and his disciple - the chief disciple - started crying. Thousands of people had gathered. They had all believed that this disciple had attained to enlightenment - and now he was crying. So a few of them told him, “This doesn’t look good. It goes against your prestige. People think that you have become enlightened, and you are crying! What will they think about you?”

The disciple said, “I can drop being enlightened, but I cannot be untrue.”

They said, “But you have been telling us that the soul never dies. So if your master is still there, why are you crying?”

The disciple said, “I am not crying for the soul - the soul is eternal - but I am crying for his body. His body was so beautiful, and it will never be again. Can’t I even cry for it? I will never see my master’s body again!”

Now the traditional Buddhist will not accept this - that an enlightened person can cry. These are the perfectionist ideals; you have to take away all that is human - then what is left behind is just a marble statue.

I teach totality. If you are crying, then be total in it, then let your whole heart cry. Then don’t be so-so, don’t be lukewarm, just go into it. In that moment let crying be your total being. Let tears come from every pore of your being. If you are angry, then be totally angry - as Jesus was angry in the temple. Whatsoever happens, be total in it!

And now I would like to say something very paradoxical: if you can be totally in anger, by and by it disappears. If you can be totally in anything, there comes a great transformation; the whole energy changes because you start understanding what anger is. It is not that you drop it by conscious effort, deliberately, but simply because of understanding it is no longer relevant. Or, if sometimes it is needed there is no hindrance either; you can be angry. I love Jesus because he could be angry. He was so human. Buddha looks inhuman - at least the way he is depicted is inhuman. Mahavira is utterly inhuman - at least the way he is described in the Jaina scriptures. That’s how he looks.as if he has no heart.

But that is the goal of the perfectionist. Jesus is more human. Many times Jesus goes on saying in the Bible “I am the son of man.” Sometimes he says “I am the son of God” and sometimes “I am the son of man.” He says both things. He is saying, “I am both - as perfect as God and as imperfect as man. As high as God and as low as man - I am a bridge between these two.”

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