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Chapter 7: They Kill Lust with Lust

Those who are dead
and yet fully alive
and know the flavors
and feelings
in loving;
they will cross the river.
Gazing at
the stream of life and death,
they seek integrity.
They have no wish
for happiness at all,
walking against the wind.

They kill lust
with lust
and enter the city of love

Man is energy, a dynamism, a process, a very creative process with a thousand and one potentialities, with infinite alternatives open. Man is an opening, an evolution, and with all the possibilities that existence has. Man is a miniature existence; a drop, of course, but a drop has all that the ocean has; a drop, of course, but a conscious drop. And the consciousness is oceanic; it knows no boundaries. But the man I am talking about is the essential man of the Bauls, the adhar manush. You can be that, but you are not that. You are the seed. You can open and blossom and release your fragrance to the winds, but you are not yet that. It has to be remembered.

Gurdjieff used to say that man is not born with a soul; he has to create it through effort. A man is born only with an opportunity. It can be used, it can be wasted, so all depends on you. One has to become a creator of oneself. The parents have given you a body and a possibility, but the real birth has yet to happen. And for that real birth you will have to become your own mother, your own father. That real birth is an inner creativity. You have to move withinwards to find your own source of energy, and not only that, but to change the mechanical channels of that energy, to make conscious channels for it.

Ordinarily, energy flows downwards. That’s what Bauls call lust. When they call it lust they are not denouncing it, condemning it. It is just a fact, just as water flows downwards. It is natural for water to flow downwards, down the hill. But water can rise upwards; just a little heat is needed. The water has to be heated; it can evaporate. At a certain degree of heat, a hundred degrees, it starts rising towards the heavens. The same water that was always going downhill starts going uphill. A conversion has happened; just heat was needed. In the East this heat is known as tap. The word tap means heat; the word tap means “heating yourself.”

The Bauls sing,

“While desire burns in the limbs
still there is time.
Boil the juice
on the fire of longing
to condense the fruit.
The sweetness of syrup
will ferment and sour
unless it is stirred
on controlled heat.

“Feelings evolve from desire,
and love shoots forth from lust.”

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