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Chapter 7: They Kill Lust with Lust

Love has a different world. Lust lives under a different law. The mystics have called the law of lust the law of gravitation: one is pulled downwards. And the law of love is the law of grace: one is pulled upwards.

I have heard..

A Sufi mystic was staying in somebody’s house and he was thought to be a madman, so the family was a little afraid. The man was not reliable; he might do anything. But he was also known as a great mystic so they could not throw him out; they were also afraid of that. In the night - “Where to put him? Where is he going to sleep?” So they put him in the basement.

In the middle of the night they suddenly heard laughter coming from the terrace. They could recognize the laughter; it was that madman’s. But how did he reach the terrace? He had been put in the basement. They ran upstairs; he was laughing madly, he was rolling on the terrace.

They said, “What has happened? How have you come here?”

He said, “That’s why I am laughing. I was sleeping in the basement, and then a miracle of miracles happened: suddenly I fell upwards. Hence, I am laughing!”

The story is beautiful. Mystics fall upwards, love falls upwards. It is a part of another world, of another law: the law of grace.

“Light has burst
on the walls of the sky.
The kind one
has blossomed at last.

“Waking in the morning,
I saw him present,
appearing close to my face.
Flowers wither
and birds flutter
and the dew forms on the leaves.

“The glow of the night
is melting away
with the rising heat
of the sun.”

Love is rising sun, lust is the dark night of the soul.

“Explore the nature
of your own body,
my unfeeling heart.
Unless you know
your very substance,
worshipping God is of no avail.

“The body is the home
of seven heavens
for you to voyage.
You will blunder
as you never learned to know
the friends and the foes
alive in your body.”

So the basic work is to know the foe and the friend in the body. To know that which you are and that which you are not is the basic work, to discriminate between death and life, lust and love, kundabuffer and kundalini.