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Chapter 8: Let There Be Spaces

Love is never blind - because there exists the confusion, and you don’t make the demarcation: people have started talking about “blind love.” Love gives you the clearest vision, fresh eyes. Lust is certainly blind because it is biological, it has nothing to do with your spirituality.

Then Almitra spoke again and said, And what of Marriage, master?

For the first time, she’s addressing Almustafa as master, because the time of separation is coming close. And whatever he has said about love only a master can say - one who knows, one who knows from his own experience.

And he answered saying: You were born together.

Don’t misunderstand this statement. He’s not saying that every man is born with a possible wife somewhere. He’s saying something totally different. He’s saying: You were born together. You were born together in love because you became new, you became fresh, you became young, you became a song, you became a dance that you have never been.

.and together you shall be for evermore.

If you are born out of love, if your togetherness is not out of lust, your love is going to deepen every day. Lust lessens everything, because biology is not interested in whether you remain together or not. Its interest is reproduction; for that, love is not needed. You can go on producing children without any love.

I have been observing all kinds of animals. I have lived in forests, in mountains, and I was always puzzled: whenever they are making love they look very sad. I have never seen animals making love joyfully; it is as if some unknown force is pressuring them to do it. It is not out of their own choice; it is not their freedom but their bondage. That makes them sad.

The same I have observed in man. Have you seen a husband and wife on the road? You may not know if they are husband and wife, but if they are both sad you can be certain they are.

I was traveling from Delhi to Srinagar. In my air-conditioned compartment there were only two seats, and one was reserved for me. A couple came, a beautiful woman and a young, beautiful man. Both could not be accommodated in that small coupe, so he left the woman and he went into another compartment. But he was coming at every station, bringing sweets, fruits, flowers.

I was watching the whole scene; I am just a watcher. I asked the woman, “How long have you been married?”

She said, “It must have been seven years.”

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