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Chapter 6: At the Center We Are One

So you have to learn sometimes just to be a child, playing, jumping, dancing, singing, for no purpose at all. Once in a while just lying down on the lawn, or on the beach - doing nothing, lying down in such a way.as if you are in your mother’s womb.

In fact, the scientists say that people feel good near the ocean because the child in the mother’s womb floats in a liquid which has the same proportion of chemicals, salts, as the ocean. And we are made eighty percent of water. It is a miracle! You just think once again.you are eighty percent water - walking, running, going home! Just twenty percent, the skin, is functioning like a bag.

You feel fresh near the ocean - the same salty air, some forgotten memory..

Scientists are now coming closer to the Eastern insight about human evolution. Now the latest researchers say that Charles Darwin is not right, man has not come as a growth from the monkeys. They are proposing that man was born as a fish, not as a monkey; in the very beginning he was born in the ocean. And because life needed all that the ocean contains, the mother’s womb has to contain everything just like the ocean. A pregnant woman becomes very much interested in salty things, because the child is asking for more and more salt. Salt is a necessity..

But for nine months floating in the mother’s womb the child knows the eternity of relaxation - no tension, no business, no worries, no taxation.

The child simply is, just a pure isness - that is relaxation.

By the side of the ocean, lying in the sand, just move as if you are back in your mother’s womb. You are not to do anything. Just lie down and enjoy the wind, the roaring ocean.and you will be surprised that the meditation that you have been trying to do for years and has not happened, is happening.

Once you know that there are things which need your support - not as a doer but just as a loving gardener looking at his rosebushes, waiting and trusting in existence.the spring always comes and it will bring flowers.

The spring of your consciousness will also come, but you have to learn a simple secret - that of let-go.

And the learning simply comes by trying to understand the nature of doing and the nature of non-doing.

I was taken to a theological college to talk about Jesus, and after I had talked with the students, the vice-chancellor took me around.it is the biggest Christian college in the whole of Asia which prepares missionaries. He took me around, and I could not believe what I saw. If Jesus had seen it the Jews would have been saved from crucifying him - he would have committed suicide himself!

The missionaries are being prepared.on what sentence what kind of emphasis has to be given, what sentence has to be spoken loudly and what sentence has to be almost whispered, at what point you should beat the table..

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