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Chapter 14: To Fly Is Your Birthright

You are aware that the grave of a sannyasin is called a samadhi - for the same reason. Not everybody’s grave is called a samadhi, only the grave of such a person who has annihilated himself. He has annihilated his ego while living; there is nothing left for death to annihilate when it comes, the person has annihilated himself on his own.

So a Sufi will call it fana, a Hindu will call it samadhi, and a Buddhist will call it nirvana. These words are there in the mind. So whatever will happen within the mind, it will immediately translate it into its own language. We find it difficult to understand how a mechanism could translate, but this only says that you don’t know much about mechanisms.

The latest discoveries in mechanisms and instruments are very amazing. All that mind can do can also be done by machines. There is nothing that a mind can do that cannot be done by a mechanism. This has brought a very dangerous attitude: if a machine can do everything that a mind does, then mind is nothing more than a machine. So for those who believe that there is nothing beyond the mind, that there is no soul, then man becomes a machine, nothing else remains. If it is true that there is no soul, then man is just a machine - and not a very efficient one either. Machines can be made more efficient than man.

Soon speeches will be simultaneously translated. If I am speaking here in Hindi, my speech will be simultaneously translated into the five major languages. No human translators will be required for this, only machines. When I speak the word prem in Hindi, the English language translating machine will immediately translate it as love. The impact of the sound of the word prem on the machine electronically will convert it into other sound waves that produce the sounds for the word love.

So there are machines that talk, machines that calculate and machines that have memory; machines have started doing everything that the mind of man can do. When the yogis, the tantrikas and the Upanishads said for the first time that the mind of man is just like a machine, people all over the world did not understand it. Now science has devised machines that do similar work to that of the mind, and there is no problem in understanding it.

The human mind stores data from either side - from the world as well as from samadhi. It is the mind that gives information about the world as well as about Brahman.

Now we shall enter the sutra.

When one comes to experience that all reflections form only on the mind, and as one moves deeper within oneself to one’s very center, that there are no impressions, that all conditionings form only on the mind, not on the self - only then will this sutra be understood.

Knowing oneself as unattached and indifferent as the sky, a yogi is not attached at all after that to any future actions.

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