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Chapter 3: Osho Leads Dynamic Meditation 1

Please sit or stand apart. Keep a little distance from each other so that those who want to lie down may do so comfortably. There is to be no talking, no chitchatting at all.

You will sit quietly and no one will sit close to anyone else. There is plenty of space here, so don’t be miserly. It would unnecessarily spoil everything if someone falls on you in the middle of meditation. Keep apart.

Sit or lie down. Take a position which is convenient for you. Close your eyes. And do as I ask you to do.

[First stage: ten minutes deep breathing.]

Close your eyes and begin breathing deeply. Inhale as much as you can, and exhale as much as you can. Put all your energy into inhaling and exhaling deeply, breathing in and breathing out. Breathe in deeply and breathe out deeply. Become breathing itself. And exert yourself fully. The deeper the breathing in and out, the greater the possibility for the latent energy to awaken.

Take in a deep breath, and breathe out a deep breath. Breathe in and breathe out. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out, and continue the process for a full ten minutes. Just become a breathing machine, and nothing more. You are only breathing in and breathing out for ten minutes. Then I will give you the second stage of today’s meditation. So for the first ten minutes work hard with deep breathing.

Take a deep breath in and throw it out deeply. Exert yourselves fully. Just become a breathing machine, a bellows that pulls the air in and throws it out vigorously and continuously. Let every fiber of your body vibrate with breathing. Breathe in deeply and breathe out deeply. Deeply, and very deeply. Become a breathing machine. Concentrate all of your attention and all of your energy on breathing, and only on breathing.

Take deep breaths in and take deep breaths out. And watch that now a deep breath is coming in and now a deep breath is going out. Breathe and also observe that you are breathing, and breathing deeply. Remain a witness. Keep witnessing that breath is coming in and going out. Bring all your attention to deep breathing; bring all your energy to deep breathing.

Now I am going to be silent for ten minutes. In the meantime you continue taking deep breaths in and throwing deep breaths out. And watch from inside that breaths are coming in and going out regularly and constantly and vigorously.

Don’t think even for a moment about the others, just take care of yourselves. And bring your whole energy to breathing. You have nothing to do with the others. Draw in a deep breath and expel it vigorously. And at the same time observe from inside the incoming breaths and the outgoing breaths. You will see clearly how a breath goes in and goes out.

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