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Chapter 19: Organism, Not Organization

Organization is something outward; organism is something inward. Organization has no center, it has only periphery. A machine is organized. You put different parts together in a certain order, but the machine has no soul, no center. It functions, it works, but there is nobody inside it. A machine is an organization of parts assembled in a certain order to function in a certain way.

All the organizations up to now have done that: they changed human beings into mechanical parts, cogs in the wheel. They destroyed individuality because individuality was troublesome. They destroyed intelligence, they destroyed all kinds of disobedience, so that you may be able to become a perfect part in the machine. And they respected those who became perfect parts in the machine, who simply moved according to the mechanism, who had no will of their own, no intelligence of their own, no individuality of their own. These are the people who are given Nobel Prizes, gold medals.

An organism is something like your body. It functions together, but each organ of your body has its own individuality. There is nobody who is ruling over it; it is not a part that you can replace.

Just the other day there was a question, “If brains can be transplanted, then we can transplant Albert Einstein’s brain into somebody else’s head. What will happen to Albert Einstein’s soul?”

Nothing will happen to Albert Einstein’s soul because the brain is not the soul, and nothing will happen to the mind because the mind only needs life energy - it doesn’t matter from where it comes, from whom it comes. It is a machine. To whomsoever - even in an idiot’s head - if you change it and put in Albert Einstein’s mind, the idiot will function like Albert Einstein. Not that the soul has changed, but now he has all the information, the brain, the whole accumulation of Albert Einstein’s life, research, experiments. They are all part of the memory in the brain. They are like a computer.

And this man’s life energy was being wasted by an idiotic mind because the idiotic mind could not do anything with life’s energy. Life energy is the same: you just give it a right mechanism and it starts functioning. The idiot will function exactly as Albert Einstein.

He may not have known the language, the mathematics, the physics, anything before, but now he will speak the language of Albert Einstein, his mathematical flights, his tremendous insight into physics, just as easily as Albert Einstein - perhaps more easily, because Albert Einstein was exhausted, spent and the idiot is absolutely fresh. The idiot has never bothered to think, never bothered to inquire. His whole energy is fresh, young, available, unused. He may function better than Albert Einstein.

Organism functions in a unity, without anybody forcing the unity. And there is an innermost core - the soul - which simply supplies the energy to the whole.

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