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Chapter 20: Health: Overflowing Energy of Life

This has tremendous implications. It means people can be prevented from being sick before they are ever sick, because now we have methods to know six months ahead.

Why actually six months? I was puzzled when I came to know about Kirlian and his work. In the East from my childhood I have heard the saying that before death comes, six months before, a man stops seeing the tip of his own nose, because the eyes start turning up. So when he cannot see the tip of his own nose, that is a sure sign. That is described in ayurvedic scriptures thousands of years old: you can know that you are going to die within six months if you cannot see the tip of your nose. Your eyes are preparing to turn upwards.

All over the world, the moment a person dies people close his eyes. Why do they close the eyes? Because they are afraid of people looking at just the white of his eyes - his eyes have turned up, and only the whiteness has remained. Children are there, young people are there; it is better not to let them know. Immediately the eyes are closed. And it is strange that everybody dies with open eyes.But when the eye is turning up the eyelid cannot go down; the whole energy is moving upwards.

I was amazed because of the time limit, six months: Kirlian says every sickness can be known six months before. Every person should go for a checkup, and in every hospital there should be a Kirlian photography arrangement so everybody can know beforehand what kind of trouble he is heading towards.and it can be prevented.

But that means you will have to change your idea of taking man as a machine.

A machine has no future. Kirlian has tried taking pictures of a car but he has not been able to find that something is going to go wrong within the next hour, that the car will not start. No machines have any future; hence, what is going to happen cannot be pictured.

Secondly, what Western medicine has done is make people less immune. If you go to India you will see that in the same river buffaloes are enjoying their bath, donkeys are drinking, people are taking a bath, clothes are being washed - and the same water is being drunk. Nobody feels sick, nobody falls victim to infections. But the Westerner going to India immediately feels in trouble. He cannot drink any available water because all water is polluted; all water has amoebas, all water is not right for drinking. He can only take soda water. His immunity has been destroyed by too much protection.

Real medicine should give you immunity rather than take it away. It should make you stronger, able to fight any infection rather than make you weak so that you are vulnerable to all kinds of infections.

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