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Chapter 13: Session 13

The four gospels particularly included in The Bible miss the whole spirit of Jesus. Resurrection is far better. Tolstoy really loved Jesus and love is magic, particularly because when you love someone time disappears. Tolstoy loved Jesus so much that they become contemporaries. The gap is big, two thousand years, but it disappears between Tolstoy and Jesus. It rarely happens, very very rarely, that’s why I used to carry that book in my hand. I no longer carry that book in my hand, but in my heart it is still there.

Fourth, the fifth gospel. It is not recorded in The Bible; it has just been found in Egypt: Notes on Jesus, by Thomas. I have spoken about it because I immediately fell in love with it. Thomas, in his Notes on Jesus, is so simple that he cannot be inaccurate. He is so direct, immediate, that he is not, only Jesus is.

Do you know that Thomas was the first disciple to reach India? Indian Christianity is the oldest in the world, older than the Vatican. And the body of Thomas is still preserved in Goa - a strange place, but beautiful, very beautiful. That’s why all the outsiders called hippies have become attracted towards Goa. There is no other place.no other beaches so pure and beautiful as in Goa.

The body of Thomas is still preserved, and it is a miracle how it is preserved. Now we know how to preserve a body, to freeze it, but Thomas’ body is not frozen; some ancient method that was used in Egypt, in Tibet, has been used in this case too. Scientists have not yet been able to discover - such chemicals have been used.or even whether any chemicals were used or not. Scientists are great! They can reach to the moon, but they cannot make a fountain pen which does not leak! About small things they are failures.

I am not a scientist. Yesterday, even when I said “Okay,” it was not okay. I simply said it because I love you and I did not want to cause any trouble. I don’t know anything about machinery or chemistry, I only know myself. When everything around me is going perfectly there is a transcendence. I know through that transcendence that everything is going perfectly. If something is wrong, I have to come down again.

Let me explain to you the whole Eastern concept of coming down. A man is born only if something is wrong.if something is wrong with him. If nothing is wrong he is not born; he moves to the source, disappears in the cosmos.

The day before yesterday everything functioned perfectly. It did not happen yesterday. First I said “Okay”; that was not true. But I can lie because I love - I did not want to disappoint you. At the end too I said, “Great, you can end it,” but there was nothing to end because it had not even begun. I have to tell you this so it is not repeated again. Please don’t force me to lie. I am not British, not an Englishman; even for etiquette’s sake it is hard for me, really hard to lie. Help me so that I can say the truth. At this moment things are going really beautifully - and I am not speaking like an Englishman - really beautifully.. You know me, the seducer.

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