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Chapter 21: Make It Clear to the World

And for five thousand years around the world the idea became permanently settled, so whoever was not celibate - and nobody has ever been celibate - started feeling guilty. He thought, “Others are able to manage, and only I am not able to manage it. I have a very weak personality, subhuman.” But he was not aware that that was the situation of all. They were all hypocrites. And just to keep that hypocrisy nobody was asking the simple question that if sex is a biological phenomenon, in the hands of life, how can you prevent it?

It is possible for a woman to be celibate because her role in sex is that of a receiver. She does not give anything in it. She gets something.

Man cannot be celibate, just the way no woman can avoid the period, the monthly menstrual course, there is no way. And you will be surprised to know that one of the oldest religions of the world, Jainism, has not allowed women directly, from women’s bodies, to enter into their paradise. So whatever the woman does - all her fasts, austerities, she can become a nun, she can renounce everything - all this will give her only a man’s body in the next birth, because only through a man’s body will she be able to enter into enlightenment. There is no way from a woman’s body.

And what was the reason? The monthly period - because in the monthly period something comes out of the woman, and the woman cannot hide it. It is difficult for so many years to keep it a secret and pretend that it doesn’t happen, that you have controlled it completely. It is impossible. The blood is coming out of the body. How are you going to prevent it? And the pain and the misery?

It was the monthly period that was given as the reason that women are not capable of controlling their bodies. They cannot rise above their bodies, so they cannot attain spirituality. But man.nobody asks what happens to his semen which is being created continuously by his food, exercise, breathing, whatever he is doing. It is a natural process, the same as the monthly period of the woman. But there is a possibility to keep it a secret. That’s how homosexuality entered into religions. That’s how masturbation entered into religions.

It is strange that all the religions condemn masturbation, so much so that in India it is said by the religious leaders that the people who go mad, go mad because of masturbation. The reality may be otherwise. The people who go mad are the people who are not masturbating. The people who have been masturbating are simply releasing a certain force that goes on accumulating, and if it remains repressed inside you, it can drive you crazy.

I said to one saint, “This seems to be absurd that masturbation leads people to madness, because the man who is masturbating, he is masturbating because of you. You have separated men and women so cunningly, particularly in India, that it is impossible to have any contact. And if a man is a bachelor - and he has to be a bachelor at least from fourteen to twenty-four, twenty-five years of age, and those are the most potential times. Near about eighteen he is at the highest peak of sexual energy, he will never again be so potent. Now what do you want him to do?”

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