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Chapter 4: In the End There Is No Word

Just two days ago, one of my old friends came to see me. He has a son who is thought by everybody to be crazy, insane - except by me. So the first thing I inquired about was his son, and he said, “Leave that subject. It makes me so sad, because now he is eighteen years old and he still goes naked all over the town. He is such a shame to the family.”

I said, “In what way is he hurting anybody? He is not violent. He simply enjoys being naked.”

They force clothes on him, and he throws them away on the street and goes towards the market. And they are running after him - “Please, at least take the underwear.”

And he says, “No underwear. The breeze is so cool.”

And the boy is very intelligent. Of course, he is in a crowd which cannot accept him. He never lies; he is always utterly honest. Whatever he does, he does with totality. He has never gone to school because he asks those who have gone what they have gained. His father is a post-graduate; he asks him, “What have you gained? Just a certificate.” He says, “I want to live my life. I don’t want to be dictated to by anybody, wrong or right. I simply want to be myself.”

He is a hard worker. He will be working in the garden, and you can see how hard he works, but he works at only what he feels like working at. He plays beautiful flute, but the whole town thinks that he is mad.

And I have tried my best to find where his madness is. I have not been able to find his madness anywhere. He is just not willing to be part of the mob psychology. The crowd cannot accept that he is sane, because if he is sane, then what about the whole crowd?

Even his parents, my friend his father, cannot accept him. He said, “Except for you, nobody accepts that he is sane.”

I said, “You are his father, you love him. Have you seen any madness in him?”

He said, “What more do you want? You want more madness? - going naked in the streets. And he is now eighteen years old, and he will approach a woman and he will say ‘You are so beautiful. Can I kiss you?’”

Naturally, the society cannot accept such a person - although he is absolutely honest. And he has honored the woman, he has praised her beauty, he has asked her permission. Otherwise he is very strong - living naked, doing hard work, never going to school; he is really strong - he could have kissed any woman without any permission.

But a crowd gathers, and the woman starts shouting that he is being nasty to her, misbehaving with her.

Many times when I was there, I had to go inside the crowd and tell them, “You are making unnecessary fuss. The boy is alone, that’s true, but he is not insane. He is a minority of one, and you are the majority of many - but just because you are many, do you think you are right?”

Nobody has been ever able to point out to me that something is wrong with him. And he is being dragged to this doctor and to that doctor.

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