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Chapter 6: Madmen and Devotees

This is the madness of love. It is unexpected that when you are being killed you pray that these people should be forgiven because they don’t know what they are doing. They are completely unconscious, sleepwalkers; whatsoever they are doing is not their responsibility because how can you throw responsibility on somebody who is asleep? “They are unconscious, forgive them.” This is the miracle that happened that day, but nobody could see that miracle - it was sheer madness.

Love’s language is so foreign to the head. Head and heart are the farthest poles of reality. There is no greater distance between any other two points than there is between the head and the heart, reason and love, logic and life.

If a person is mad because of his love, his madness is not a disease. In fact, he is the only healthy person. He is the only whole person; he is the only holy person because through his heart he has again become bridged with life. Now he is no longer fighting, there is no more conflict. He is surrendered, he is in a let-go. He trusts life. He has faith and he knows that nothing wrong is going to happen. He’s not afraid. Even into death he will go laughing and singing, ecstatic, because even in death God is waiting for him, death also becomes a door.

Of course, to the logical mind, this man looks mad. And he is mad, in a sense, because whatsoever he is doing is beyond the comprehension of reason. But to me he is not mad. Ask Jesus: to him he is not mad. Ask Buddha: to him he is not mad, in fact he’s the only sane person, because now he no longer thinks, he lives; now he is no longer divided, but total; now there is no duality in him, he is a unity.

That is the meaning of the word yoga: that which unites. That is the meaning of the word religion also: that which makes you one, that which puts you together again, religere; you are no longer split.

Otherwise, ordinarily you are not one person, you are many persons. You are a crowd. You don’t know what your left hand is doing and what your right hand is planning to do. In the morning you don’t know what you are going to do in the evening. You say one thing but you wanted say something else, and you will go on saying something else still. You are not a unity, you are a crowd. There are many persons inside you revolving in a wheel and each becomes, for the time being, the king. And in that moment the king asserts things which he cannot fulfill, because by the time the moment to fulfill them comes, he will no longer be a king.

You fall in love with a woman and you say, “I will love you forever and forever.” Wait! What are you saying? Now, at this moment, a certain part of your personality is on the throne and that part says, “I will love you forever and forever,” but just half an hour later you may repent. And just a few days later you will completely forget what you had said.

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