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Chapter 6: Madmen and Devotees

The logical mind goes on weaving and spinning its own theories, its own ideas, and tries to make the reality fit accordingly. The reality should follow your idea; that is what a logical mind is. The effort is that the reality should be a shadow to your ideology. But it is not possible, you are trying the impossible. It is implausible, it cannot happen. Ideology has to follow reality, and when the situation comes where you have to follow reality, the whole structure of your mind staggers, the whole structure of your mind simply drops down. It proves to be a house of playing cards: a small wind of reality and the palace disappears. That is madness.

What is the madness of a devotee? The center of the devotee’s madness is his heart, the center of ordinary madness is the head. Ordinary madness happens from the failure of the head and the devotee’s madness happens from the success of his heart. When logic fails, ordinary madness; when love succeeds, extraordinary madness, the madness of a devotee.

Love is illogical. Love is irrational. Love is life. Love comprehends all contradictions in it. Love is even capable of comprehending its own opposite: hate. Have you not observed it? You go on hating the same person you love. But love is bigger. It is so big that even hate can be allowed to have its play. In fact, if you really love, hate is not a distraction; on the contrary, it gives color, spice. It makes the whole affair more colorful, like a rainbow. Even hate is not the opposite for a loving heart: he can hate and continue loving. Love is so great that even hate can be allowed to have its own say. Lovers become intimate enemies, they go on fighting.

In fact, if you ask psychoanalysts, psychiatrists and psychologists, they will say that when a couple stop fighting, love has also stopped. When a couple no longer bother even to fight, have become indifferent to each other, then love has stopped. If you are still fighting with your wife or your husband, your boyfriend or girlfriend, that simply shows that life is still running in it. It is still a live wire - still hot. When love is no longer there and everything is dead, then there is no fight. Of course! What to fight for? It is meaningless. One settles into a sort of coldness; one settles into a sort of indifference.

Love is like wild life, hence Jesus’ saying that God is love. What does he mean? He means that if you love you will know many things which are qualities of God, godliness: that he comprehends opposites, that even the Devil is allowed to have his say, that there is no problem with the opposite, that the enemy is also a friend and deep down related and connected, that death is not against life, but that death is part of life and life is part of death.

The whole is bigger than all opposites. And it is not just a total of all the opposites, it is more than the total. This is the higher mathematics of the heart. Of course a man of love will look mad. He will look mad to you because you function from the head and he functions from the heart; the languages are totally different.

For example, Jesus was crucified. The enemies were waiting for him to curse them, and they were a little afraid. The friends were waiting for him to do some miracle, that all the enemies would fall dead. And what did he do? He did an almost mad thing: he prayed to God to forgive these people because they didn’t know what they were doing.

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