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Chapter 19: Of Old and New Law Tables Part 3

Sexuality was in him, and it was there because he had repressed it. But he took revenge with the eyes. And he became a very great saint because of this act; he was worshipped. His name became so famous that it has taken a new meaning. Whenever you want to address a blind man, you call him “Surdasji” - because to call him a blind man is crude, but to call him “Surdas” is to give him as much respect as possible.

But the original Surdas.that was simply an insane act. There is no need to prove that it was insane; it is so obvious. But it is not only one person. If you go in search, you will be surprised how many insanities have become spiritual attainments.

There was, before the Russian revolution, a Christian sect in Russia. At Christmas time they used to cut their genitals off. And thousands of people would gather together to see it. There were piles of genitals and blood, and people were worshipping those people who had cut off their genitals - as if by cutting off the genitals, you can cut off your sexuality.

The center of sexuality is in your head. The genitals are just controlled by the center in your mind - it is a biological remote control system. The person who has cut his genitals off will still dream about women - even more so. And the women were not going to remain behind. They don’t have genitals to cut off; so they started cutting off their breasts. And they were also worshipped.

The sect was spreading far and wide in Russia. It was the revolution that stopped it; otherwise, the madness would have gone to many more millions of people. But their contemporaries never thought that it was madness.

There are people in Varanasi who are lying on thorn beds. All their spirituality is in lying on a bed of thorns. I don’t see that lying on a bed of thorns.it may be good in a carnival, or in a circus but what has it to do with spirituality? But people are worshipping them - putting money at their feet, and food, and fruits, and flowers. And all their great act is, which any idiot can do.you can try it. Just tell your wife or your husband to take a needle and touch your back with the needle. You will both be surprised: there are only a few points where you will feel the touch.

There are blind spots on the back where there is no nerve, so even if you push the needle in you will not feel the touch. Those beds of nails are made with great art, and when the person lies on them, the nails are touching the places which have no nerves. He is not in any pain; he’s cheating people. But these people are worshipped as spiritual, great spiritual beings.

Century after century, madness has become more and more piled up on the human mind. And when it is your madness you are completely blind to it. When it is your conditioning you cannot see that it is mad.

Jaina monks, every year, pull their hair out with their own hands - the beard, the mustache, the hair. And thousands of worshipers stand around them with tears in their eyes - they are doing something great. And, perhaps the first time they may have felt a little pain, but now they have become experts, doing it every year. It is simple expertise. What spirituality is in it?

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