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Chapter 2: Via Transcendence

Gannaway and O’Casey arranged to fight a duel with pistols. Gannaway was quite fat, and when he saw his lean adversary facing him he objected. “Debar!” he said, “I am twice as large as he is, so I ought to stand twice as far away from him as he is from me.”

Absolutely logical, but how can you do it?

“Be aisy now,” replied his second. “I will soon put that right.” And taking a piece of chalk from his pocket he drew two lines down the fat man’s coat leaving a space between them.

“Now,” he said, turning to O’Casey, “fire away, and remember that any hits outside that chalk line don’t count.”

Perfectly mathematical, perfectly logical - but life is not so logical, life is not so mathematical. And people go on living in their intellects very logically. Logic gives them a feeling as if they know, but it is a big “as if,” and one tends to forget it completely. Whatsoever you go on doing through intellect, it is only inference. It is not an experience of truth, but just an inference based on your logic - and your logic is your invention.

Cudahy, grogged to the gills, stood watching the Saint Patrick’s Day parade. Unconsciously he dropped his lit cigarette into an old mattress that was lying at the curb.

Just then the gray-haired members of the Women’s Nursing Corps came strutting by. At the same time, the smoldering mattress began giving off a dreadful smell.

Cudahy sniffed a couple of times and declared to a nearby cop, “Officer, they are marching those nurses too fast!”

Intellect may arrive at certain inferences, but intellect is an unconscious phenomenon. You are almost behaving sleepily.

Intelligence is awakening, and unless you are fully awake, whatsoever you decide is bound to be wrong somewhere or other. It is bound to be so, it is doomed to be wrong, because it is a conclusion arrived at by an unconscious mind.

To bring intelligence into activity you don’t need more information, you need more meditation. You need to become more silent, you need to become more thoughtless. You need to become less mind and more heart. You need to become aware of the magic that surrounds you: magic that is life, magic that is God, magic that is in the green trees and the red flowers, magic that is in people’s eyes. Magic is happening everywhere! All is miraculous, but because of your intellect you remain closed inside yourself, clinging to your stupid conclusions arrived at in unconsciousness or given to you by others who are as unconscious as you are.

Intelligence is certainly creative because intelligence brings your totality into functioning - not only a part, a small part, the head. Intelligence vibrates your whole being; each cell of your being, each fiber of your life starts dancing, and falls in a subtle harmony with the total.

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