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Chapter 6: The Miracle of Ordinariness

Mind is energy, in fact, the same energy that comes through the sun, the same subtle rays. Ask the physicists. They say the mind has the voltage of electricity, that it is electrical.

If you can focus the mind through a lens - and a mantra is a lens - and you go on repeating Ram, Ram, Ram, or Om, Om, Om, or anything, just one word; if you go repeating and repeating and repeating it, and the mind’s whole energy is centered in that one word, it becomes a lens. Now all the rays are passing through that lens, narrowed to one point. It be-comes powerful, you can do miracles. Just by thinking you can do miracles.

But remember, those miracles are not spiritual. Power is never spiritual. Powerlessness, helplessness, to be nothing, is spiritual; power is never spiritual. This is the difference between magic and religion: magic is after power, religion is after nothingness.

A mantra is a part of magic, not of religion at all. But everything has got messed up, mixed up. People who are doing miracles are magicians, not spiritual in any way. They are even anti-spiritual, because they are spreading magic in the name of religion, which is very dangerous.

Through a mantra, mind is narrowed. The more narrowed, the more powerful - and then anything can be done. There is only one thing you will miss: you will miss yourself. All miracles will be possible, the ultimate miracle you will miss - you will miss yourself. Because through narrowing down you can achieve an object. The more the mind is narrowed, the more it becomes fixed to an object; it becomes objective. You are hidden behind and the object is outside.

So if you are a man of mantras you can say to this tree, “Die,” and the tree will die; you can say to a man, “Be healthy,” and the disease will disappear, or, “Be unhealthy,” and the disease will enter. Many things you can do. You can become somebody, and people will recognize you as a man of power but never a man of God.

A man of God is born when the mind is not narrowed at all, when the mind is not flowing in one direction but is overflowing in all directions. There is no lens, no mantra, just the energy flowing in all dimensions everywhere. That flowing energy, overflowing energy everywhere, will make you alert about yourself because then there is no object. Only you, only subjectivity exists. And through you, you will become aware of God, not through any power.

This man asked Bankei, “What type of miracles can you do? My master, through mantra, through the holy name, can do miracles. He will stand on one bank of the river, and disciples will stand on the other bank with a paper in their hands, a half-mile distant, and he will write from here and the words will come on the paper on the other bank. This our master can do. What can you do?”

And Bankei said, “We know only one miracle here, and that is when I feel hungry I eat, and when I feel sleepy I sleep. Only this much” - not much of a miracle.

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