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Chapter 8: The Forbidden Path

The drunk Mulla Nasruddin was stopped by a policeman as he staggered about the street at three o’clock in the morning.

“Can you explain why you are out at this time?” asked the policeman.

“If I could,” said the Mulla, “I would be home by now.”

If you knew what life is, you would be home by now. All esoteric explanations, all explanations as such, are foolish.

Chinmaya is doing well as far as fifty percent of Mulla Nasruddin is concerned. All explanations are foolish, because all so-called wisdom is foolish. But this is how one grows. The other fifty percent will also be coming - when foolishness becomes wisdom.

The last question:

Very mysterious things are happening.. A towel has been found in the question box and we don’t know from where it has come!
Could you please enlighten us.

Certainly, mysterious things are happening. That’s what Yoga Chinmaya said to his chief disciple, Priya, just two days ago - that many mysterious things are happening. And he said the day before yesterday, “The day after tomorrow many more mysterious things are going to happen.” Today is that day after tomorrow, and now this has happened.

Now it is absolutely difficult to use logic - I will have to use magic. Let me give myself a little moment, a little time, to use my magic..

The towel is from a woman - Indian not Western; married not unmarried; a sannyasin. Her name starts with “u.” And if you want more information about her, you can inquire care of Colonel Raj Bharti.

Enough for today.