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Chapter 3: My Religion Is a Godless Religion

Now that God is dead how can we quickly dispose of his remains?

God is not dead now, he has been dead always, so the question of disposing of his remains does not arise. God has never existed and cannot exist, for the simple reason that the whole existence is godliness. To divide God and existence, the creator and the creation, is a stupid duality.

One has to see the implications of it: God creating a world - from where? Something must have existed as a building material before God created the world. And if he can create the world like a magician then he is an idiotic magician. One can see the world as a proof. Is this the world a wise man will create? - to say nothing of a wise God.

This world shows absolutely that there is nobody behind it consciously creating it; otherwise all the nonsense that exists here should not be. God created the world at a certain time, at a certain date - according to Christians, who are the most foolish of all the religions, he created the world four thousand and four years before Jesus was born. It must have been Monday, the first of January, or perhaps the first of April - that seems to be more appropriate.

And what did he create? In three thousand years, five thousand wars have been fought - and this is the creation of God. His highest creation is man, and the whole of humanity is on the verge of committing a global suicide. This God must be some kind of a sadist. It is better that we simply forget all about God.

In the courts, the Bible is presented to take oaths on. It is full of lies. In these two thousand years since Jesus, almost everything in the Bible has become a lie. What about Charles Darwin? What about Albert Einstein?

Sometimes I wonder: have we lost all intelligence? It would be better to provide Albert Einstein’s book to take an oath on. the Bible is so full of obscenity, it is an insult to every court to have a Bible inside it. It is a contempt of court. And wonder of wonders, you have to take an oath that you will speak only the truth!

Jesus is born out of a virgin girl - I cannot take any oath on such rubbish. If a virgin girl can give birth to Jesus then everything is right; then there is no lie anywhere in the world, all is truth, you cannot lie - but this is impossible in the very nature of things.

The Old Testament says that God created the world. He created two daughters and made love to both of them. Now, the father making love to his own daughters - and this is a religious book! And this is your God! Hang him if you can find him.

And this is not only so about Christianity, it is more or less the same with all religions. No sane person can believe in God; only insane, retarded, utterly mediocre people can believe in God.

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