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Chapter 3: From Belief toward Truth

The Hindu cannot be with God, nor can the Jaina nor the Christian be with him. He who is nothing, who has no epithets, who is nobody’s follower or disciple who is absolutely alone - he alone can merge with the “totally alone,” who is God. The door that leads to God opens in complete aloneness. God is not in the least concerned with crowds. When we are Hindus, we are a part of one particular crowd; when we follow Rama, we are a part of one particular crowd - and so we follow our own mental projections. Truth has nothing to do with this. And when I say: “Leave them,” I do not mean that Rama is a useless person. He can be very useful, provided we do not cling to his person. By “leaving” I mean keep your hands free. The hands are tied as long as they hold anybody’s feet; and tied hands cannot reach out to God. When the hands are completely empty, God is attained.

I will explain with yet another story:

One day, Krishna sat town to dine and Rukmini, his queen, was fanning him as he ate. Suddenly, he pushed aside his plate and ran to the door. Rukmini called after him to finish his meal, but he did not heed her and ran out to the gate. But then he hesitated and turned back looking sad, and resumed his meal. “What was the matter?” asked Rukmini.

“It was a grave situation,” said Krishna. “One of my beloveds was passing through a village. People were stoning him and blood trickled down his face. The crowd surrounded him, hurling stones and abuses, but he stood quiet and smiling. It was incumbent on me to go to his aid.”

“Then why did you come back?” asked Rukmini.

“By the time I reached the gate, he needed me no more. He had picked up a stone in his defense. As long as he was absolutely defenseless and was absolutely alone, he needed me. His entire being drew me toward him like a magnet, but now he is helpless no more. He has taken the help of a stone.”

How far this story is true I cannot tell, and it matters little, but one thing I know and I wish to tell you too: as long as your hands are full, your mind is full; as long as you lean on anything for support, you cannot hope to attain the divine help. God’s support is attained only when one is completely helpless. But we always tend to lean on something or the other and that very support becomes an obstruction. So when I say: “Leave everything!” I exhort you to be totally helpless. One has to forsake all scriptures, all gurus, all heroes and abandon all that we cling to.

Please do not misunderstand me. My words are very much misunderstood. When I tell you to renounce Gandhi - people think I am Gandhi’s enemy. I am telling you to leave not only Gandhi but anybody you have taken hold of. If anyone tries to hold on to me, I should tell him to forsake me in the same manner. I ask you to be nonaligned; your hands should be free of everything. Wonderful is the moment when a man casts all aside and steps out. Then what occurs in his life is beyond our imagination. Then for the first time God enters his life; then for the first time he hears the footfalls of truth. Therefore I say: “Leave all else!”

One friend has asked: “If truth cannot be conveyed by words, and if it cannot be written in scriptures, then what other means is there for its communication?”

There is no way of imparting truth through words, nor is there any need. It is needed only to be known and more than knowing, becoming truth is more essential. The question of transmission does not arise. To know is, and to experience it, is the question. Where is the sense in related truth?

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