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Chapter 3: Heart Is the Soil - Trust Is the Climate

In what soil and in which climate might one find the mystic rose?

The symbol of mystic rose vibrates tremendously significant memories.

It was one day in the early morning, a gathering of seekers just like you are.but the time goes twenty-five centuries back. Gautam Buddha was expected to deliver his morning sermon.

Everybody was surprised.He came right on time, carrying a rose in his hand. They had listened to him for many years, and he has never carried anything. Everybody wondered: What is this rose, and why is he carrying it? But they sat silently - perhaps he will explain.

And he did explain, but not with words.

He sat silently looking at the rose. The rose was immensely beautiful. So were those two eyes, so was that silent moment - pregnant, expectant, that he is going to say something very special.

He was - but he was not using words.

There are things which can be shown but cannot be said.

The silence became heavy; people were not accustomed. This behavior of Gautam Buddha was so unexpected, so new. Everybody sat like a marble statue and Buddha was looking at the rose with such blissfulness, showering so much love and so much blessing and so much grace on the rose that nobody dared to interrupt him and ask, “What is going on?”

At that very moment.

Mahakashyap was a very strange disciple of Gautam Buddha; he is known to be the founder of the long tradition of Zen.

And this moment when Gautam Buddha was looking at the rose is the moment of a source that is still blossoming. Perhaps it is the only rose that has not faded away. Many others have blossomed and faded away.

Mahakashyapa’s laughing shocked everybody. They were not even courageous enough to ask the question, and this strange fellow - he was strange from the very beginning. Since he had come he had never asked a question. He had monopolized a tree, under which nobody else dared to sit. Whether he was late or early, his place was certain.

People even wondered - does he understand what Gautam Buddha is saying? Or does he simply take a good morning sleep? because he always listened with closed eyes. He never made any friends; even if people wanted to talk to him, he would simply make one simple sign.

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