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Chapter 2: Bring the Other Two Buddhas Also!

The priest asked: What are you doing? He said: I am trying to find the bones of the buddha so that they can be preserved. The priest started laughing, seeing the whole stupidity. He said: This is a wooden buddha, there are no bones. You are really mad! Ikkyu said: Then bring the other two buddhas also; the night is long and very cold.

And in the morning - of course he was thrown out in the night, out of the temple, because he would burn the whole temple - in the morning when the priest came out of the temple Ikkyu was sitting just near the milestone on the road, and worshipping it.

The priest could not contain his curiosity. He asked: Now what are you doing, madman? Ikkyu said: I am worshipping the Buddha and every day in the morning that is my first thing to do.

This is the contradiction. But if you can see it is not a contradiction at all, it is a simple fact. A fact, the deepest fact of all mysticism.

“Strike your master hard and worship in faith.” Love your master so deeply that there is no clinging - you can kill, you can drop, the other disappears, the other is absorbed, only you in your crystal purity remain. But this is possible only if total faith is possible.

Of course this Ikkyu must have loved Buddha tremendously, otherwise how is it possible to burn Buddha? How is it conceivable? He must have loved so totally that there was no problem. He could burn the wooden buddha.

Buddha died. Mahakashyapa, one of his greatest disciples, did not utter a single word: as if nothing had happened. He remained sitting under his tree. People were running here and there, there was much turmoil - Buddha has said he is leaving today! But this Mahakashyapa never moved from his tree.

Many people said: Mahakashyapa, what are you doing? This is the last day! Buddha is leaving the body! It is said that he laughed and said: But who told you that he ever had a body? I know him. He has never been in the body. So what is the point of all this fuss? Let him leave it! He has never been in it. It is said that Mahakashyapa told his disciples that Buddha was never born, never died, he never walked on the earth, he never uttered a single word; and every day in the morning Mahakashyapa was worshipping the feet of Buddha.

Difficult to understand, because you can understand hate which becomes destructive, you can understand love which becomes attachment, you cannot understand total love which is both, which destroys the non-essential and creates the essential.

“If you wish to be devoted to God, live unattached..” Very beautiful. But remember, to be unattached is not to renounce the world. If you renounce the world you are attached to the world; otherwise why should you renounce it? What is the point in renouncing it if you are not attached to it? Only attachment renounces. If you are really non-attached there is no question of any renunciation.

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