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Chapter 1: The Roots and the Flowers Are One

The Bauls are very healthy people - not schizophrenic, not split. Their synthesis has to be understood; the very understanding will help you tremendously.

They say, “This world and the other world are not opposite.” They say, “To eat, drink and be merry, and to be prayerful, are not opposite.” They say, “This shore and the other shore belong to the same river of God.” So they say that each moment has to be lived as a materialist, and each moment has to be given a direction as a spiritualist. Each moment, one has to be delightful, rejoicing, celebrating, at the same time, remaining alert and conscious, remaining fully aware about the future unfoldment. But that unfoldment is not against this moment’s rejoicing. In fact, because you rejoice in this moment, the next moment your flower opens more. The more you are happy in this moment, the more you will become capable of being happy in the next moment. If today has been a heaven, tomorrow cannot be a hell because it will be born out of today. If today has been tremendously beautiful, a day of song, a day of dance and laughter, then how can tomorrow be a day of sorrow? From where can sadness enter in? It is going to be your tomorrow. And whenever it will come, it will come as today, and you have learned the secret of how to live today.

The Bauls say, “Learn from the materialist the way to live.” Learn from an Epicurean, a charvaka; learn from him the way to live this moment. Learn the direction from real spiritual people - a Buddha, a Mahavir, a Krishna - and make a synthesis out of both. Don’t divide time and eternity; don’t divide matter and mind; don’t divide earth and sky. Don’t divide the roots and the flowers, they are together. This togetherness is the goal of the Baul.

And when inside you divisions disappear, and inside you there is no conflict, and inside you you are one, you become luminous. A great grace arises in you. Then you will be as happy as Epicurus and as silent as Buddha.

In the soul of a Baul, Buddha and Epicurus embrace each other. And this is my goal, and this is my teaching also. If somehow you can become a Buddha without becoming an Epicurus simultaneously, you will miss much. You will become a stone Buddha; you will not be alive. Or if you can become an Epicurus without becoming a Buddha, you will miss much. You may enjoy a few fleeting moments of life, but that’s not enough. Life has more to give and you live only on the waves, you never reach the depths.

I would like you to become capable to live on the waves, with the sun shining and the storm raging and great winds blowing, and to go into the depth also, where all storms cease, where deep darkness exists without any penetration from the sun, where everything is silent and peaceful and tranquil, and there is no disturbance. But I would like you to become capable of both. If one makes you incapable of the other, then you are not a very rich human being. Then you are half-human. Then half of your being is dead. Then you are paralyzed; then you are not fully alive.

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