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Chapter 7: Just Working for Peanuts

When a person reaches to the third state he can just raise a sword and destroy it completely, in one single attack. Because now the enemy is there, now the enemy is no longer elusive, now there are no longer many enemies - just one enemy confronting you. And the sword is just the sword of perfect awareness, mindfulness, self-remembering. It is a very sharp sword.

When Buddha destroyed his own sexuality, it is said he roared like a lion because for the first time the whole absurdity of it became clear. And so many lives wasted, so many lives of sheer stupidity gone forever. He was so happy he roared like a lion.

These are the four steps, and today’s sutras are concerned with these four steps. Before we enter into the sutras, a few more things have to be understood.

The second vehicle is mahayana. When your sexual energy is no longer obsessed with the other’s body, when you are completely free of the other’s body, when your energy has a freedom to it, then mahayana becomes possible - the second floor of Buddha’s temple.

Mahayana makes it possible for you to be loving. Ordinarily we think sex makes people loving. Sex can never make people loving. In fact, it is sexuality that prevents love from growing because it is the same energy that has to become love. It is being destroyed in sex. To become love, the same energy has to move to the heart center. Mahayana belongs to the heart center.

Hinayana works at the sex center - muladhar. Mahayana works at the heart center - it says love, prayerfulness, have to be developed now. Energy is there, now you can love. Energy is there, now you can pray.

Mahayana is loving-effort. One has to love unconditionally - the trees and the rocks and the sun and the moon and the people - but now love has no sexuality in it. It is very cool, it is very tranquil.

If you come near a person whose energy is moving in his heart center you will suddenly feel you are moving under a deep cool shade, no hot energy. Suddenly you will feel a breeze surrounding you. The person of love, the person who lives at the heart center, is to a traveler like a shady tree, or cool running water, or a breeze fragrant with many blossoms.

Mahayana is not afraid of sex. Hinayana is afraid of sex. Hinayana is afraid of sex because you are too much obsessed with sex. You have to move to the opposite. Mahayana is not afraid of sex - it has attained to the balance, there is no fear of the opposites. Mahayana is when the tightrope-walker is balanced; he neither leans to the left nor to the right.

Then the third and the final stage, the third floor of Buddha’s temple, is vajrayana. Vajra means diamond - it is the most precious teaching; certainly very difficult to understand. Vajrayana is Buddhist Tantra.

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