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Chapter 2: Love Can Wait for Lifetimes

Don’t be worried. There is another path - and it is exactly the opposite of the path of witnessing. For those whom the path of witnessing does not suit there is this other path which will. There are only two kinds of people. Just as there are men and women on the physical level, there are also men and women at the level of consciousness. A “man” is a witness. Male consciousness is part of the path of the witness. The male mind - and remember, when I say “the male mind,” I don’t mean that all men are male: there are many men for whom the term “male-consciousness” is not appropriate. And when I say “woman,” remember that not all women are women. There are many women for whom witnessing is appropriate. So don’t limit my differentiation to the physical level. This is an inner difference. A man can have a female mind and a woman can have a male mind. But the difference between the two is clear.

A female mind relies on devotion, feeling, oblivion. And what is the difference? What is seen on the path of the witness has to be eliminated, separated off - only the seer is to be saved. And what is seen on the path of devotion has to be saved and the seer has to be dissolved. They are very different, exact opposites. Krishna appears.the image of Krishna appears in your feelings and you have to dissolve yourself and save Krishna. You have to pour your very life into him. You have to pour your very life into him in such a way that his image comes to life, that his image blossoms into life. You have to pour yourself into him so totally that your own life energy plays Krishna’s flute. That is what the devotee does.

The paths of the devotee and the witness are so different that even the language they use is different. A devotee says: “Self-forgetfulness. Forget yourself. Drown yourself in the ecstasy, in the remembrance of the divine. Forget yourself in the way a drunkard forgets himself. Turn the divine’s name into wine and be drunk. Make your own wine and be drunk. Be ecstatically mad.”

If the path of the witness is difficult for you, don’t be worried - the path of devotion is your path. Ecstasy, drunkenness.go that way. Dance, sing, drown in the remembrance of the divine. This is Daya’s message. This is the message of Sahajo and Meera.

On a vine in the desolate forest
She slept, full of wedded bliss,
Immersed in the dreams of love,
A delicate innocent young woman -
A jasmine bud.
She slept.
How could she know of her beloved’s arrival?
The hero kissed her cheek,
The vine swayed like a swing,
And still she did not awake.
An omission - and no apology was given.
She kept her drowsy curved eyes closed.
Or was she drunk?
Drinking the wine of youth, who can say?
That ruthless hero
Showed such complete callousness
That he shook her beautiful soft body
With a succession of gusts,
Thus pressing her fair round cheeks.
The maiden was startled.
Casting astonished glances around her,
And finding her beloved near the love-bed,
The soft-lipped one laughed, blossomed,
And played colorful games with him.

Devotion is a search for the beloved. Devotion doesn’t see the divine in the form of truth. The divine is the beloved, dearer than anything else. Devotion is the search for that precious beloved.

And finding her beloved near the love-bed,
The soft-lipped one laughed, blossomed,
And played colorful games with him.