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Chapter 20: The Esoteric Dimensions of Tantra

This also should be remembered: when a woman unites with her male etheric body the resulting unit will be female; when the male unites with his female etheric body the unit will be male. This is because the first body absorbs the second body; the second merges into the first. But now these are male and female in a very different sense. It is not the outer man and the outer woman that we see - the outer man is incomplete, and therefore uneasy, unsatisfied. The external woman is also incomplete, and therefore restless, unfulfilled.

If we examine the development of life on earth we will find that in primal organisms the male and female principles are both present. For example, the amoeba: the amoeba is half male, half female. So there is no other creature more satisfied in this world. No such thing as discontent ever arises in an amoeba. This is also the reason why it has failed to develop, it has always remained an amoeba. So very elementary organisms in biological development do not have separate bodies for each sex. Both male and female are contained within the same body.

When the first body of the woman unites with her male, etheric body, a new woman comes into being who is a complete woman. We have no idea of the personality of a complete woman because all the women we know are incomplete. We have no estimate of a complete man because all the men we know are incomplete; they are all only half. As soon as this unit is completed a supreme satisfaction pervades - a satisfaction in which all discontent diminishes and finally disappears. Now it will be difficult for this complete man and complete woman to establish any external relationships, because outwardly there are only half men and half women with whom their personalities do not feel harmony. However, it is possible for a perfect man - one whose first two bodies have united within - to form a relationship with a perfect woman, one whose first two bodies have also united.

Tantra has tried many experiments to develop this relationship. Therefore Tantra had to endure a great deal of harassment and misunderstanding. We could not understand what tantrikas were doing - naturally it was beyond our understanding. When a woman and a man who are united to the inner complementary body make love under the circumstances of Tantra, it is nothing more than ordinary intercourse to us. We could never evaluate what was happening.

But this is a very different kind of phenomenon, and this was a very great help to the seeker. It had a great significance for him. The external union of a complete man and a complete woman was the beginning of a new meeting; it was a journey toward a new union. One kind of journey was already over: the incomplete woman and incomplete man have been completed. A particular plateau of fulfillment was then reached, because now there was no thought of desire.

When a complete man and a complete woman meet in this way, they experience for the first time the bliss, the pleasure, of the union of two whole beings. Then they begin to understand that if such a perfect union could take place within themselves there would be a torrent of unbounded bliss. The half man enjoyed the union with the half woman; then he united with the half woman within himself and he experienced unlimited bliss. Then the complete man united with the complete woman. Then it is but logical that he should set out to attain a perfect woman within himself, so he set out in search of the perfect woman within - where the meeting of the third and fourth bodies takes place.

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