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Chapter 6: The Physical and Energy Bodies

The sage, therefore, begins with the first: the physical body. This body around you is certainly created by food; there is nothing in it which is derived from any other source. It may be that your father ate that food, or your grandfather ate that food, it makes no difference; there is nothing in this body except food. When analyzed, the human sperm and egg which creates the first cell shows nothing except the elements of food. The essence of the food is contained in the seed.

Wise ones have done great experiments in relation to this. For thousands of years, generation after generation, a few families dared to live only on vegetarian food. No transformation can happen in the body within one day; the body has a long, complex history. But if a family has lived on vegetarian food for thousands of generations, there is radical change in the body. The same happens with nonvegetarian food, then too the body radically changes. Through constant refinement, becoming purer and purer over a long, long period of time, the very seed cell is altered. And only when the seed cell is altered, does transparency happen.

To transform the whole body by changing the food eaten was a unique experiment. Now scientists also agree that whatever we take in changes the body.

The difference between the male body and the female body is only a few hormones and nothing else. The difference is very small. These hormones are also created by food. If we take just a few hormones out of the female body it will start changing into a male body. If we take just a few hormones out of the male body it will start changing into a female body. It will not be long before a person born as a man will be able to choose to become a woman, or someone born as a woman will be able to choose to become a man, because the difference is of only a few hormones - only a few - and hormones are food. Hormones are the essence created by food. A small hormonal difference creates the difference between a man and a woman.

A little change in your food can also make the intelligence sharp or dull, because if the nutrients that are needed do not reach the brain through food, the intelligence becomes dull. Then, in spite of your potential, intelligence will not flower, because this flowering needs the help of the physical body which is then not available. Then the intelligence becomes totally dull because the substance at the third eye center in the pineal gland is not produced. In fact, when a man drinks alcohol it is not the intelligence which is affected - alcohol does not affect consciousness - but the pineal gland stops producing its fluid and intelligence is lost. Alcohol does not directly affect intelligence, but it affects that part in the physical body which is related to intelligence and it then becomes inactive.

A madness has started spreading all over the world from the West: the use of things like LSD. Scientists say that lysergic acid, or mescaline, or things like that also affect the pineal gland, and the fluid secreted by the pineal gland, which in turn obstructs intelligence. So it will not be surprising if the new generation in the West which uses LSD brings down the whole of the Western civilization because it is sure to harm the intelligence which is its very foundation.

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