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Chapter 5: Don’t Knock, Wait!

People have been kept in this slavery just for a few people to enjoy the superiority. Obviously these people who have enjoyed superiority - the brahmins, the priests, the ayatollahs, the imams, the rabbis, the popes - will not easily allow human beings to declare their independence.

You have to understand deeply. My whole work here is to make you declare freedom and total independence from all prisons - religious, national, racial. Only that is going to give you a life of celebration. Your freedom will give you the space to dance, to sing, to celebrate. My vision of religiousness is that of sheer celebration, a tremendous joy in life, in love, in creative actions. This is my manifesto, the Manifesto of Zen.

Unless humanity is taken out of their prison cells - we are living in the dark ages - every vested interest is going to be against me, it is going to be against you. Every manifesto of freedom will be crushed.

It is not accidental that Socrates is poisoned, that al-Hillaj Mansoor is murdered, that Jesus is crucified, that Sarmad is killed, that many attempts were made on the life of Mahavira, that many attempts were made on the life of Gautam Buddha, and finally, he died from food poisoning. There is every suspicion that it was deliberate poisoning. Gautam Buddha was certainly a religious man. As he was dying he told his disciples, in particular Ananda - he called him close and whispered to him, “It does not matter that I am dying. I am concerned about the man who has given me the food that has poisoned me. You have to protect him, otherwise the people who love me will kill him.

“So spread the idea around my disciples, and my lovers, and my sympathizers, that two persons are the most blessed: the one who for the first time gives nourishment to the enlightened one - of course, that is the mother - and the second is the one who gives him his last food. These two persons are the very blessed ones. Create this rumor, so that the person who has poisoned me should not suffer unnecessarily.”

This is the way of a religious man - a great concern even for the murderer. Unless we fill this earth with such people, humanity is not going to have all the great experiences which every human being has the birthright to attain.

Everybody is prohibited from making this earth a lotus paradise, and from experiencing in his own body, the very consciousness of a Gautam Buddha. All religions are against you because they are against freedom, and they are against human culture, civilization. They are against any kind of dialogue. Murder is their argument.

This simply shows the poverty of all religions, and this also shows that humanity has to revolt against these religions, these churches, these temples, these mosques. A great revolt, a rebellion can only give you the opportunity to grow, otherwise you simply grow old, you don’t grow up. And remember the difference between the two.

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