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Chapter 33: Tommorrow Never Comes

For a moment, let the mind stop and let time stop. And simply look into the fact: what is your life? - heart beating, blood circulating, breathing coming in and going out. Anything more? And if this is all, I don’t see the point why you should be afraid. If the blood does not circulate, and the heart does not go on, click-clock, and if the breathing stops, so what? Vasumati is resting, gone to eternal rest. But what have you lost? You were not living, you were only vegetating.

Don’t remain a vegetable. It is time for ecstasy, for love, for expansion of consciousness. You have waited enough, you have wasted much. No more wastage. But you say, “Somewhere I need, or I think I need, security and safety.” For what? Do you want just to remain a vegetable forever - safe, secure, in cold storage?

There are a few idiots in America - about ten are well known - who have stopped breathing, their hearts have stopped beating. But they were rich enough and, of course, they were afraid to die. So they have arranged for their bodies to be kept in a deep freeze. It is costing millions of dollars per year for a single body to be kept. And they are waiting in those freezers for the time when science discovers how to revive dead people again. And the scientists are thinking that within ten years, at the most, they will be able to revive any dead body - because it will become possible to replace parts.

Hospitals will become, more or less, workshops where you simply go to change your heart, because it is no longer functioning well. So just some screws have to be removed, the heart has to be changed, a new, better plastic heart put in, which remains eternally the same.

Your life energy is dying out and you just have to go to the workshop - I mean the hospitals of the future - and get plugged into electricity to be recharged. Or maybe, if you prefer, dry batteries - then that can be done immediately, change the batteries. It will be a really hilarious world. Somebody is saying to you, “I love you,” and then he goes “ghrrrr, ghrrr.” because the battery has failed.

Rushing to the workshop, he changes the battery and then he will again repeat the same record. It is just a recording.”I love you.” And people have to be alert that when somebody starts saying, “ghrrr, ghrrr.” call the ambulance immediately, because this man’s battery has run out, or the fuse.

Life will be very secure but absolutely vegetable. Don’t wait for those days.

The very insecurity makes life a thrill; the very danger that tomorrow you may not be here makes you live today as intensely as possible, makes you love as totally as possible, because postponement is not at all conceivable.

Enough of thinking, “This fear and lack of courage to take the jump, to dive deep into life and let go totally is crippling..” Then just jump - you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto has a beautiful statement at the very end. With a little change, it can be used for you. His statement is, “Proletarians of the world unite, because you have nothing to lose except your chains.” Just a little change: thinkers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains, and you have the whole existence to gain.

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