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Chapter 3: Worthy of Truth

This meditation has three steps. The first fifteen minutes, you have to stare at me without blinking. Even if tears come out of your eyes, you have to go on staring at me. You will be standing and staring at me. Your hands will be raised towards the sky, so the cosmic force can come down to you and you are receptive to it. I will be making gestures with my hands all the time for you to jump. When you see my hands moving upwards, you have to jump so that your energy starts dancing within. And for the whole time, for the first fifteen-minute step, you have to use the mantra hoo, hoo. You are to jump with raised hands with the mantra hoo, hoo, hoo! And then I will say to stop. Then you have to stop for fifteen minutes, completely frozen. In this second step close your eyes and remain as you are.

In the third step, for fifteen minutes, you will be requested, invited to express your ecstasy and bliss as madly as possible. Be totally festive. And remember one ultimate law: the more you express your bliss, the more it increases - so don’t be a miser.