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Chapter 3: Sleep, Identification, Duality

Hypnosis is induced sleep. It is more like an intoxicant than like sleep; you are under the influence of a drug. The drug is not chemical ordinarily, but it is chemical deep down in the body. Just the repetition of a certain word changes the chemistry of the body. That is why mantras have been so influential all through the history of man. Continuously chanting a particular word changes the chemistry of the body because a word is not just a word; it has vibrations, it is an electric phenomenon. The word vibrating continuously: Ram, Ram, Ram - Ram passes through the whole chemistry of the body. The very vibrations are soothing; they create a small humming inside you just as a mother will sing a lullaby when a child is not going to sleep. A lullaby is a very simple thing: one or two lines continuously repeated. And if the mother can take the child near her heart, then the effect will happen sooner because the heartbeat gives another rhythm. The heartbeat and a lullaby both together, and the child is fast asleep.

This is the whole trick of chanting and mantras: they give you a good induced sleep; you will feel fresh afterwards. But there is nothing spiritual in it. There is nothing spiritual, because spirituality is concerned with being more aware, not less aware.

Watch a hypnotist. What is he doing? Nature has done the same to you. Nature is the greatest hypnotist; it has given you suggestions. Those suggestions are carried by the chromosomes, the cells of your body. Now scientists say that a single cell carries almost ten million messages for you. They are in-built. When a child is conceived, two cells meet: one from the mother, and one from the father. Two chromosomes meet; they bring millions of messages. They become the blueprint, and a child is born out of those basic blueprints. They go on multiplying; that’s how the body increases.

Your whole body is made of small invisible cells, millions of them. And each cell carries messages, just like each seed carries the whole message for the whole tree - what type of leaves will come out of it, what type of flowers will come out of it, whether they will be red or blue or yellow. A small seed carries the whole blueprint for the whole life of the tree. The tree may live four thousand years. For four thousand years the small seed carries everything about it. The tree need not bother and worry; everything will be implemented. You also carry seeds: one seed from the father, one from the mother. And they come from millennia, because your father’s seed was given to him from his father and mother. In this way, nature has entered you.

Your body comes from nature; you come from somewhere else. That somewhere else is God. You are a meeting point of consciousness and the unconsciousness of the body. But the body is very, very powerful, and unless you do something you will remain under its power, possessed. Yoga is the way to overcome. Yoga is the way not to be possessed by the body and to become the master again. Otherwise, you will remain a slave.

Avidya is slavery, the slavery of the hypnosis that nature has brought on you. Yoga is transcending this slavery and becoming a master. Now, try to follow the sutras.

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