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Chapter 30: Avoid the Priests

Just today I saw where one newspaper had published one of my talks in which I have said that Adolf Hitler, Krishna and Manu are not much different from each other. Obviously the editor was bombarded from all over the country with letters condemning it: “You should not publish such a thing. Krishna and Manu cannot be compared to Adolf Hitler.”

Before I go deeper into it, I would like to tell you something about Adolf Hitler. I received a letter from the president of the neo-fascist party, asking me that I should stop speaking against Adolf Hitler, “because it hurts our religious feelings.”

Even I was shocked. It rarely happens that I am shocked. I said, “My God, religious feelings are hurt?!”

And the president says in the letter, “Perhaps you are not aware that Adolf Hitler was a reincarnation of an Old Testament prophet, Elijah.”

Now somebody is hurt because I have said something against Adolf Hitler. And what have I said? - that he has killed millions of people single-handed, just because of a prejudice against Jews. A childish prejudice, because Jews believe - and they have suffered for that stupid belief for almost four thousand years - that they are the chosen people of God. Moses gave them this idea: You are the chosen people of God.

Naturally, they have been hated by everybody else. Nobody can accept, “You are the chosen people of God.” And particularly Adolf Hitler was very angry. His people, the Nordic Aryans and Germans, they are the chosen people of God. How dare Jews say that they are the chosen people of God?

Of course, these two chosen people of God cannot live together; one has to be demolished! Hitler alone killed almost six million Jews and millions of other people wherever he invaded. And this is the reincarnation of a Jewish prophet, Elijah - and he is killing Jews in millions!

And the president of the neo-fascist party is threatening me, that I will have to suffer dangerous consequences if I speak again against Adolf Hitler. And when I said that I don’t see much difference between Krishna, Manu and Adolf Hitler, Hindus must have felt the same: their hearts are hurt, their religious feelings are hurt.

But Krishna is responsible for the great war in which India suffered so much. Millions of people died in the war, and he was the man who provoked Arjuna to fight. It was a family war, between cousin-brothers, Arjuna and Duryodhana. They were fighting for the kingdom, and when Arjuna saw millions of people in the battle field who were all related to each other - because it was a family quarrel.some relatives were on this side, some relatives on that side; some friends on this side, some friends on that side.

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