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Chapter 8: Live in Eternity

But Jesus? Jesus is not alien to you. He was born into your family, and then he started destroying the very house. Then he started to destroy the very temple that you and your ancients had worshipped in always, although he says “I have come not to destroy, but to fulfill.” But to fulfill he has to destroy. The old has to be dismantled, the old has to be completely effaced from the earth; only then can the new temple be built.

So the name of Jesus hurts. You cannot forgive Jesus yet; it is impossible to forgive unless you drop your Jewish conditioning. Then there will be no problem, then Jesus will be as comprehensible as Buddha or Krishna. The problem is coming from your Jewish conditioning, the problem is not coming from Jesus. The problem is in you, not in the New Testament.

You say: “Since I have been with you I have come to know Jesus in a new light.”

Yes, through me it will be easier, because I am not a Jew. Through me, Jesus becomes non-Jewish. The way I interpret him is the way I would like to interpret Buddha, Patanjali, Shankara. The way I interpret Jesus has nothing to do with the Jewish mind. Then you can start looking at Jesus in a new light because I am throwing a new light on him. In my light, he starts changing; he is no more Jewish. I don’t put him in the context of the Jewish mind - I cannot, because I am not a Jew. You will find it easier, far easier, to approach Jesus through me, because through me Jesus is no more a Jew.

“Since I have been with you I have come to know Jesus in a new light. As a Jew I could never accept his teachings.”

It is not that you could not accept his teaching, it is the Jew within you. The Jew has to be dropped. And when I say the Jew has to be dropped, I am saying the Hindu has to be dropped, the Buddhist has to be dropped, the Mohammedan has to be dropped. Then your eyes will be open, then you will have a clarity, a transparency to your vision. You will be able to see through and through, and things will come into a totally new context. And then Jesus will look beautiful. He was one of the most beautiful persons who have walked on the earth.

But, it is unfortunate, Jews missed him just the way Buddha was missed by the Hindus. It has always been the tragedy. It is very difficult for a Hindu to understand Buddha. The very name.and antagonism arises, because he said things which are against the Vedas. He said things which are against the brahmins, he said things which are against the code of Manu. He said things - not only said, but he started creating a new society; a non-Hindu world he created. He created a world where there would be no distinction between the sudra, the untouchable, and the brahmin, the high priest. He created a world which would be classless, with nobody inferior, nobody superior. He started putting down foundations for an utterly new society. The Hindus were angry: they destroyed Buddhism .

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