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Chapter 42: Politics Is a Disease

You do not need, Milarepa, any exposure. By becoming a sannyasin you have accepted to do it on your own. Politicians need exposure because in their cupboards there are many skeletons. Every politician is a criminal, but a successful criminal.

There are two types of criminals: successful criminals who become powerful and make history, and the unsuccessful criminals who are encaged in jails, in prison, and die an ignominious death - live meaninglessly and die meaninglessly.

But the successful criminal.once in a while you catch him. For example, President Nixon was caught. If you had not caught him, you would have never thought that he was a criminal. He would have remained a great president of a great country in the history.

It is important to remember what Mao Zedong of China said when Nixon resigned from the presidency in utter shame. Mao Zedong said, “I don’t understand at all what crime Nixon has done - because we politicians do the same things everywhere. His fault is just that the poor man has been caught - not that he committed any crimes, but that he has been caught.”

And you must remember that even after Nixon was no longer president, Mao Zedong sent a special presidential plane from China to pick up Nixon, to bring him to China to have a holiday and to give him solace, and to tell him, “You have not done anything wrong. Don’t feel guilty. Every politician is doing the same; you just have to do it carefully.”

Joseph Stalin killed over one million Russians, and Russia did not have one million rich people; these one million people were poor people -for whom the revolution was done, in whose name Stalin was the dictator, in whose name he was ruling the land. Why were these poor people murdered? Because these poor people were not aware that in choosing the Communist Party and going through a revolution they were committing a mistake; they only thought that the communists were going to make everybody rich. They had no other idea.

Their idea was simple - they were simple people - that when the Communist Party is in power everybody will be rich and happy, employed. But when the Communist Party came into power thousands of other things started happening, of which the people had no idea.

They had not made the revolution, they had not fought the czar and his kingdom for these things. First they were shocked. The czar’s whole family - nineteen members - were brutally killed, and one of them was only a six-month-old baby. They did not even let that small girl live - who has done no harm to anybody, who has not even known what life is, who was not concerned at all with the poor and the rich and all the jargon. They made them stand in one line and went on shooting with machine guns.

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