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Chapter 13: The World Needs to Be One

Hell will be contemporary, perhaps ahead of us. So many geniuses! Heaven must be absolutely outdated, with a God who is perhaps dead - because since he created this mess called the universe nothing has been heard about him. Perhaps he committed suicide, seeing what he has done.

And I know the saints: ugly, in every way. They have not contributed anything to beautify existence, to make man’s life more pleasurable. On the contrary, they have destroyed man’s joy in life, they have destroyed naturalness in man, they have made man a perverted being.

I don’t think that laughter is heard in heaven. But in hell it must be a great party, a real Italian party, ongoing - spaghetti and all. Hell is the place to go right now.

I feel sorry for Sheela and her fascist gang; they will miss this great opportunity. I am certainly going to hell, and my people are going to be with me. Now, let Sheela be in heaven with all those people who have created homosexuality. In a way, she likes homosexuals - she was always surrounded by homosexuals. Strangely enough, amongst all the sannyasins, she had only homosexuals around her. She will rejoice greatly in heaven, because everybody there is a homosexual.

Just one thing I am worried about. She was raped when she was sixteen, became pregnant, had to go through an illegal abortion. In heaven there is every possibility of the gang being raped, because rarely have women entered there. In fact, they are not allowed - just to save the saints.

But she has closed the doors for hell, because I am going to be there with one million sannyasins. She cannot go to hell, she has to go to heaven. And she is going to be raped by so-called saints. The Holy Ghost is not going to leave her alone. Virgin or no virgin, for the Holy Ghost it matters not. Just think, for two thousand years the poor fellow has been celibate; it is time for breakfast!

I do not know German - fortunately, because it is such a language.if you want to fight, it sounds perfect. But if you are a loving, gentle person, German is absolutely useless. I have always wondered how German lovers talk, because the language is such - as if you are throwing stones at each other. So, I can talk only about the heading on the cover. Soon they will be translating it, then point by point I will discuss it.

Zorba the Buddha is something totally new in the world. There have been Zorbas, there have been Buddhas, but they have remained always opposed to each other.

Zorba represents materialism, Zorba represents the West. Buddha represents spirituality, Buddha represents the East.

The English poet, Rudyard Kipling, says that West is West and East is East, and the twain shall never meet. I don’t write poetry, I don’t believe in words and playing with words. I trust existence. If Rudyard Kipling has any guts - come out of your grave and see, the East and West have met! Here!

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