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Chapter 21: Only If Love Allows

The economists, the mathematicians, have all been surprised, because they did not think the population was going to expand so much. They were thinking that by the end of the century India would have one billion, a thousand million people. Now they have had to change this, and the change is big. Now they say that by the end of the century India will have one billion eight hundred million people. Their earth is dying; it is exploited so much. They don’t have any scientific development. And birth control cannot be preached; it is against religion, and it is against Mahatma Gandhi’s preachings.

There is certainly a political persecution side by side with the persecution that every truth has to go through.

In Russia I have my people, but they have to remain underground; they have to meet in the basement to meditate. They are not going to harm anybody. I am not a terrorist, I am a nonviolent man; my whole philosophy is nonviolence. They are just sitting silently, and the communist government of the Soviet Union cannot tolerate it: “What are you doing?”

The KGB is after sannyasins; they have found at least two hundred people. By torturing one person they found out another person’s name.and endless interrogation, and threats. They have taken my books from them, they have taken their malas, they have taken their red clothes, because I have been against Marxist communism.

Marxist communism simply distributes poverty equally, and to distribute poverty equally is not, and cannot be, the goal of human evolution. Everybody should be rich - and it is possible that everybody can be rich. There is no need of any revolution: all that is needed is a deep understanding that unless everybody is rich, you are also poor.

You may be rich - but surrounded by poor people, what is the meaning of being rich? You may be healthy - but surrounded by sick people, corpses, dead people, what is the meaning of your life? Can you celebrate it? Can you sing a song? More than anything, you will be ashamed.

So all that is needed is a pure understanding that now the means are available so that wealth can be created and the population growth can be stopped, there can be a society which is rich. I am all for a rich society, but I am not for a society which, in the name of equality, simply distributes poverty.

Seventy years have passed since the Russian Revolution, and Russia is still a poor country. What has changed there? Only one thing has changed: instead of rich people, now there is a communist clique, the people who have the power. The classes have not disappeared: a new class has come into being which is more powerful than any rich class ever was. And the country has become a concentration camp. In the name of beautiful words, an ugly reality has happened. The country is a concentration camp, and the people are poor. There is no question of any justice, there is no freedom of expression or thinking.

I have condemned this. Naturally, the Communist Party has written books against me. Articles against me have been published in Russia.

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