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Chapter 5: The Art of Let-Go

Why is it so difficult to be in a state of let-go?

The world needs workaholics. It needs people to be slaves, to be proletarians, to be laborers and function just like machines; hence all the so-called moralists and puritans have been teaching people that work has some intrinsic value. It has none.

It has some value, but of the lowest kind: it is a need. Because people have stomachs they need bread and butter, and they need clothes and a roof over their heads. This natural need has been exploited to the extreme. People are forced to work - but whatever they produce does not come to them. It goes to the people who don’t work.

The society has been forever an exploitative society. It has been divided into the haves and the have-nots. The have-nots have to work just to survive, and the haves go on accumulating mountains of money. It is a very ugly situation - inhuman, primitive, insane. The people who work are poor, hungry, starving. They don’t have time for literature, for music, for paintings. They can’t even conceive that there are worlds of tremendous beauty, of art; they cannot even imagine that there is something like meditation. It is enough for them to get one meal a day.

Just the other day I was informed that Ethiopia is ready for another famine. Just a year ago millions of people died in Ethiopia and the whole world watched. It not only watched: America destroyed billions of dollars worth of foodstuff in the ocean - but it could not be given to the poor who are starving. The countries of Europe destroyed even more, because they had so much surplus.mountains of butter. And the new crops were coming so they needed the old crops to be taken out of their warehouses. They were short of warehouses and just by their side one thousand people in Ethiopia were dying every day, just out of hunger.

And the European countries spent two billion dollars just to destroy the surplus foodstuff. It is not known how much was the cost of the food that they destroyed in the ocean; two billion dollars is only the cost of destroying it.

And now, again, Ethiopia is facing another calamity. And the European countries have agreed with Ethiopia that they will give their surplus, but only on one condition. Man seems to be one of the most useless things in the world. It seems man exists for all kinds of conditions and ideologies, not vice versa! The European countries had a condition, because in Ethiopia there is a Marxist government, and they made it a condition that: “We will give you food - we have a surplus, there is no problem - but you will have to stop your Marxist plans absolutely.”

The food was supposed to have reached by now, but it has not even moved from the warehouses in Europe. And the reason the European countries are giving is that: “You are still continuing your Marxist plans.”

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