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Chapter 1: A Meeting with the Guest

One has to become feminine. One has to become receptive rather than being aggressive. One has to learn the art of relaxation rather than learning the strategies of how to conquer the world and the reality. Truth is not going to be a conquest, it is going to be a total surrender. One has to become a host, one has to open up, one has to be just a receptivity so the wind can come in, the rain can come in, the sun can come in. And just hidden behind the sun and the rain and the wind one day comes the guest. And the guest does not come from the outside, it arises within you. Godliness is the guest. But you have to be a host first, you have to learn the art of being a host. You have to become a welcome, you have to become a prayer, you have to become an invitation, and you have to become a waiting, an infinite waiting. If it takes ages for him to come you have to wait, of course with tears in your eyes but with tremendous trust in the heart.

Kabir calls God the guest because he wants the seeker to be the host. The masculine mind cannot become the host. The masculine mind can only become an aggressor; it knows how to snatch things away. The masculine mind is a doer, a great doer, hence the masculine mind gives birth to science; science is basically male.

Religion is female, and those who want to enter into the world of religion have to understand it very deeply because it is very fundamental. If you miss this point you will miss all. You have to become feminine. And when I say “feminine” I don’t mean biologically; it is not a question of man and woman, it is not a question of physiology - it is a question of your psychology. You may have the body of a woman and yet the psychology may be masculine.

That’s what is happening now: many women are turning masculine, becoming more aggressive. In the name of liberation they are losing something infinitely valuable. For the mundane they are losing the contact with the sacred. The woman has always remained in a subtle way connected with the sacred. The woman has been the contact of mankind with the divine, but now she is becoming more and more masculine.

It is not a question of physiology, biology, remember; you may have the body of a man and you may have the psychology that I call feminine, receptive. Buddha is feminine if you look at his psychology, Jesus is feminine if you look at his psychology.

Friedrich Nietzsche was the first to point out the fact that Buddha and Jesus are “womanish.” Of course he was criticizing, he was not appreciating the fact, but he was the first to point it out; he had that intuitive genius. He used his genius in a very wrong way. He would have become a buddha himself, but he used his talents in a destructive way and released the greatest destructive force on the earth up to now.

Fascism, Nazism, are nothing but offshoots of Nietzsche’s mind. He was very masculine, he appreciated the masculine mind: he appreciated the soldier not the sannyasin, he appreciated war not love, he appreciated swords not flowers, he appreciated destruction, murder, conquest. He did not appreciate the beauty of surrender, trust, love, friendship, no; those were not his values. He did not appreciate compassion, ecstasy, celebration, no; those were not his values. Hence he criticized Buddha and Jesus, more particularly Jesus. When he said Jesus is feminine he was condemning Jesus.

I also say Jesus is feminine, but I am not condemning him - I cannot appreciate him more. To say Jesus and Buddha are feminine is the greatest appreciation possible because they have become hosts, they have become open, vulnerable to existence. They have sent the invitation and they are simply waiting.

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