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Chapter 7: A Tree Grows

The moral person is dual: he is one thing on the outside and just the contrary on the inside. There is a continuous struggle in his being. He is split. The moral person is a schizophrenic. The whole earth has become schizophrenic because of moral teachings. Teach a person to be moral and sooner or later you will send him to the psychiatrist’s couch. You have created madness in him. The person is feeling angry and you say, “Don’t be angry, anger is bad - because Moses says so, or Mohammed says so, or Mahavira says so. Anger is bad. Don’t be angry.” Anger is coming up naturally but you teach against it - because great is the stake. If he becomes angry he will lose his respect. He can be respected only if he is not angry, so he has to pretend in order to get respectability.

Look at people. They have lost their original faces. They are carrying masks, they are hiding behind masks. You can never be certain who is hiding behind the masks. You love a person but by and by you will find it is not the same person you fell in love with. Have you not observed it again and again? When you fall in love with a person, after a few months - or even after a few days if you are a great observer you will find that the person is something else. The woman is not the same woman, the man is not the same man that you fell in love with. You fell in love with the mask and now, by and by, the reality becomes clear. When you live with a person he cannot wear the mask for twenty-four hours. It is heavy and he wants to rest. And sometimes he is on a holiday even saints have their holidays.

I have heard.

In a circus there was a man whom the circus manager used to claim was the tallest man in the world - he was somewhere near nine feet tall.

A press reporter went to interview him because he was the tallest man in the world. He naturally chose Sunday because Sunday morning was free for him. He went to the circus and found the man Lying down in front of his tent, sunbathing. He was very much surprised to find that although the face was the same the body wasn’t nine feet tall at all.

He asked, “What is the matter? You don’t look more than five-foot-five to me. But your face seems to be the right one.”

The man laughed. He said, “Yes, you are right. I am the right person - I am the tallest man in the world.”

“But,” replied the reporter, “what is the matter? You don’t look more than five-foot-five.”

And the man said, “This is my Sunday. This is my holiday. If you want to see me nine feet tall then you have to see me on duty.”

It is a managed thing.

When you see a leader delivering a lecture to the masses it is a different face. When you see a priest in the temple worshipping it is a different face. When you fall in love with a woman it is a different face. She is trying to be as good as possible - but that is not the reality, that is a managed reality. She cannot manage it forever - that’s why wives are not very beautiful, that’s why husbands are ugly. You know them. You have seen them on their holidays.

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