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Chapter 6: Trust Your Nature

“Like all other Indian saints, why do you not like to be the saint of the masses?” And who are these masses? These neurotic people all around, this insane world all around - these are the masses? Who are these masses? These people who are blind - these are the masses? This vast darkness all around the earth.?

I don’t belong to the masses; I cannot. I belong to the whole but not to the masses. The politicians belong to the masses - because they have to exploit the masses and they have to lead the masses, of course they have to follow the masses too. If you want to become the leader of the masses, then you have to show that you follow the masses. That is the bribery you have to pay. If you want to exploit the masses, you become the saint of the masses.

I am not interested in any sort of exploitation. I am myself. If somebody wants to partake of the truth that I am, he can come. He can participate in my being.

And remember, I don’t allow an easy approach, because I want everybody to know well that truth has to be paid for. You have to sacrifice much. It is not cheap. And I don’t want to make it cheap. I don’t allow you an easy approach towards me. I will create all sorts of hindrances between you and me. Only those who are really seekers and have an intense fire in them will be able to approach me.

I am not interested in the masses at all. I am not a politician, and I am not interested in becoming a leader of the masses, nor the servant of the masses, because those are just diplomatic games, political games.

I am here, available. If you have the intense desire and thirst, you can approach me. And again I repeat: the approach is not easy. I will hinder you in many ways; I will test you in many ways. Only when I feel that you are really ready to surrender, to sacrifice yourself, only when I see that truth is even more valuable to you than your life, then you belong to me - otherwise not.

This question has come from some Indian who has fallen into the wrong company here. He should not be here, really. He has asked at least fifteen questions, all foolish. But he seems to think that he knows much.

Friend, you are in the wrong company. Escape from here! These are mad people, these are not scholars here, and I am not interested in scholars and I am not interested in pundits and people who think they know. If they know, they know -why should they come here? What are you doing? Such a wise guy, what are you doing here? You should not be here in the first place. You know already? Very good. I am happy that you know. Then go to the masses and help the masses and become a saint of the masses. What are you doing here? Why are you wasting time here?

If you don’t know, only then come to me. And if you don’t know, then don’t ask questions as if you know. Then ask questions out of your ignorance.

These questions are parrot-like things; you simply go on repeating words.

I have heard:

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