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Chapter 6: Herald a New Dawn

A priest wanted to raise money for his church. He had been told that there was a fortune to be made racing horses, so he decided to purchase one and try his luck. However, horses were too expensive at the auction, and so he bought a donkey instead. He entered the donkey in the races, and to his surprise it placed third. The next day the sports page in the local newspaper carried the headline, “Priest’s Ass Shows.”

The priest was very excited, so he entered his donkey in another race. This time it won and the papers carried the headline, “Priest’s Ass Out In Front.”

The bishop was so upset with this kind of publicity that he asked the priest not to enter his donkey in any more races. Next day the papers read, “Bishop Scratches Priest’s Ass.”

This was too much for the bishop, so he ordered the priest to get rid of the donkey, and the priest gave it to a nun in a nearby convent. The headlines read, “Nun Has Best Ass In Town.”

The bishop fainted. Later he informed the nun that she should dispose of the donkey immediately, so she sold it to a farmer for ten dollars. The paper faithfully reported the news, “Nun Peddles Ass For Ten Bucks.”

They buried the bishop the next day.

Just don’t be worried about local newspapers, public opinion, what people say about you. These are the ways that the masses have been dominating individuals for centuries. Those who want to be themselves have not to be bothered about what the retarded masses say about them. The retarded masses have always been against any revolution, any rebellion, any change - even the smallest changes and the masses have condemned them.

When railway trains began operating for the first time, the priest, the archbishop, and the pope all condemned them. They said that God never created railway trains when he created the world, so these railway trains must be the invention of the devil. And they looked like the devil; particularly the older versions of railway trains and their engines certainly looked ferocious, ugly, very evil. The churches prohibited their congregations, saying, “Nobody should enter these railway trains, because the devil is going to destroy you.”

The railway train was not going very far, only ten miles. For the first experiment, the railway company was offering a free ticket, breakfast and lunch. It was to be a joyous journey for ten miles, an historical experience - because nobody had ever been in a railway train. These were the first passengers.

But then too, people who had never been regular churchgoers had gathered to listen to the bishops, to the cardinals, to the archbishop; every church was full. Those people were saying, “Don’t be persuaded by the devil. Listen, they are promising you - without tickets - breakfast, lunch, a joyous journey.” And they said, “You don’t know! These trains will certainly start, but they will never stop.”

It was said by the archbishop of England, “These trains are managed in such a way by the devil that once you enter they will start, but they will not stop - then what will you do? Just one breakfast, one lunch, and your life is finished!”

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