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Chapter 17: Existence Has No Hurry

But at that moment tears came to Mansoor’s eyes, the smile disappeared. Again somebody asked, “Just now you were smiling, and now there are tears. What has happened?”

He said, “Something has happened. The people who were throwing stones, rotten eggs, tomatoes, bananas and all kinds of things - that was okay. They don’t understand. But somebody has thrown a roseflower. I know who he is. His roseflower hurts me more than anything else: although he knows what is true, he is not courageous enough to declare it. These tears are for his uncourageous, disgraceful behavior.”

These people have raised human consciousness a little bit. The whole credit goes to these people. Man cannot behave that way now, today. You cannot do the same to me as you did to al-Hillaj Mansoor just one thousand years ago. Even the people who are against me, in private, they are not against me; they are against me because the masses are against me.

Now, here again there is the same question: they want me to stay here, but the problem is, who is going to sign the papers? The president is willing for me to stay here, but he does not want to take the responsibility for signing the papers; nor does the foreign minister - he is afraid - nor does the minister of the interior. He is afraid. He is willing.it is absolutely right, there is no problem: I should stay here. But how can I stay here? Nobody is ready to take the responsibility. They have their fears: if something happens tomorrow, then that person will be caught, his political career will be lost.

The foreign minister is supported by the American government to be chosen as Secretary-General of the UN. Now he wants me to be here but he cannot sign, because if he signs it, his career is finished. Then he cannot be the Secretary-General of the U.N.

These people have changed. At least, as far as they are concerned, they are ready to accept me here; they just don’t want to take the responsibility wholly on themselves. That much courage is not in them. But this is also a development. Perhaps somebody may gather courage, risk his ambitions or politics. It is risking, because once anybody signs papers then the whole force of the American government and the Spanish government and the German government will be used to throw that man out. That man should not remain in the ministry because he did not listen to all these governments’ advice and he went against them.

And in such a situation, all the people who are saying yes will say, “We warned you before. You did not listen.”

There has been a little development, but not much. And the credit does not go to the masses themselves. They have not made any progress, any evolution. These are just by-products of a few unique individuals who lived like a flame and left their mark in human consciousness. But human consciousness is such a vast, oceanic field that it will take thousands of years for it to evolve in this way.

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